Continuing Legal Education

CLE Teleseminars

Introducing ISBA’s Teleseminar Law Ed Programs!! 

What is a Teleseminar?

ISBA Teleseminars simply and conveniently bring continuing legal education seminars to your office via the telephone…they broadcast at noon….and they’re one-hour in length.

It’s that simple!

Why Learn Via Teleseminar?

Convenience. Keep abreast of the latest legal trends and topics without leaving your desk! Avoid long commutes and parking garages on days you need to be in the office!

Quick. Offered as one-hour seminars, ISBA Teleseminars enhance traditional CLE programs by centering on niche topics and specific legal subjects.

Quality. ISBA Teleseminars feature leading practitioners delivering lectures or participating in panel discussions on a wide variety of high-quality programs and timely topics, ensuring that ISBA attorneys are always up-to-date on the latest legal issues!

How It Works:

Step 1 – Register for Topic of Your Choice.
Upon registering for an ISBA teleseminar, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing a toll-free telephone number to call on the day of the seminar. This is an audio-only program that’s delivered via telephone – no special software needed!

Step 2 – Check Your Email.
Registrants will receive all program materials via e-mail in PDF format prior to the program.

Step 3 – Attend the Program.
Simply call the toll-free number at the appropriate time, register your attendance with the operator, and listen to the lecture or panel discussion. Registrants will be given the opportunity to ask questions at the end of each program.

Step 4 – Certification.
MCLE Certificates of Attendance will be sent to each participant via postal mail one to two weeks after the close of a program. It’s that simple!


All ISBA Teleseminar Law Ed programs are $59 for ISBA members and $119 for non-members; however, group discounts are available for those instances when two or more individuals are sharing a phone line. In those cases, the first registrant pays the standard rate ($59/member; $119/non-member), while each additional registrant in the group receives $10 off the normal registration rate. (Meaning, each additional registrant will pay $49/member; $109/non-member.)

Upcoming ISBA Teleseminars

Wednesday, 1/21/15
Selling Closely-Held Companies to Employees, Part 2 - A National Perspective

Thursday, 1/22/15
Estate Planning Issues in Pre- and Post-Nuptial Agreements – A National Perspective

Friday, 1/23/15
Ethics of Maintaining Client Confidences in a Digital World - A National Perspective

Tuesday, 1/27/15
Splitting the Difference: "Earnouts" in Business Sales – A National Perspective

Wednesday, 1/28/15
Ground Leases in Real Estate – A National Perspective

Thursday, 1/29/15
Incentive Trusts in Estate Planning: Promise and Peril - A National Perspective

Tuesday, 2/3/15
Estate Planning for Digital Assets - A National Perspective

Wednesday, 2/4/15
Buying & Selling Partnerships/LLC Interests: Economics, Management & Tax Issues - A National Perspective

Thursday, 2/5/15
Ethics, Email and Law Practice - A National Perspective

Monday, 2/9/15
Warrants, Options & Other Incentives in Business Transactions - A National Perspective

Thursday, 2/12/15
Estate & Trust Planning for Educational Expenses - A National Perspective

Friday, 2/13/15
Management Agreements in Real Estate - A National Perspective

Tuesday, 2/17/15
Drafting C and S Corp Stockholder Agreements, Part 1 - A National Perspective

Wednesday, 2/18/15
Drafting C and S Corp Stockholder Agreements, Part 2 - A National Perspective

Thursday, 2/19/15
Duress & Undue Influence in Estate & Trust Planning - A National Perspective

Tuesday, 2/24/15
Drafting Independent Contractor Agreements - A National Perspective

Wednesday, 3/4/15
Governance of Private and Family-Controlled Companies - A National Perspective

Thursday, 3/5/15
Spotting & Preventing Fraud in Real Estate Transactions - A National Perspective

Tuesday, 3/10/15
Reviewing and Drafting IT Agreements - A National Perspective

Thursday, 3/12/15
Ethical Issues When Representing the Elderly - A National Perspective

Tuesday, 3/17/15
Fundamentals of Securities Law, Part 1 - A National Perspective

Wednesday, 3/18/15
Fundamentals of Securities Law, Part 2 - A National Perspective

Monday, 3/23/15
Ethics for Transactional Lawyers - A National Perspective

Tuesday, 3/24/15
Sub-Leasing & Assignments, Part 1 - A National Perspective

Wednedsay, 3/25/15
Sub-Leasing & Assignments, Part 2 - A National Perspective

Tuesday, 3/31/15
Exempt v. Non-Exempt: Overtime & Employer Liability in the Workplace - A National Perspective