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Government Lawyers NewsletterThe newsletter of the ISBA’s Standing Committee on Government Lawyers

November 2000, vol. 2, no. 1

In This Issue…

  • From the chair
    This edition of the newsletter of the Standing Committee on Government Lawyers reflects the Committee's efforts to provide a newsletter that is timely, informative, and most important, germane to the legal and social issues facing government lawyers in the organized bar.
  • Ethics corner
    Government lawyers face all the ethical dilemmas faced by lawyers in private practice, in addition to some unique problems.
  • Attorneys general issue opinions addressing ethical concerns
    Under section 4 of the Attorney General Act (15 ILCS 205/4 (West 1998)), the Attorney General is authorized, upon request, to give written legal opinions to state officers and state's attorneys on matters relating to their official duties
  • Disciplinary cases against public sector attorneys
    In re Armentrout, 99 Ill.2d 242, 457 N.E.2d 1262 (1983). The Kane County State's Attorney was suspended from the practice of law for two years after he organized a massive forgery of voter signatures on a referendum petition.
  • Legislative update 2000
    One of the reasons that ISBA Presidents Cheryl Niro and Herb Franks advocated the formation of a Committee on Government Lawyers was the recognition that, traditionally, government lawyers have not joined the ISBA in numbers proportionate to their composition in the Illinois bar.
  • Practice and procedure before the attorney registration and disciplinary commission
    In 1973, the Illinois Supreme Court enacted Rule 751, creating the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission ("ARDC" or "the Commission") to exercise administrative supervision of the registration and discipline of members of the Illinois bar.
  • Your chance to support charities through workplace giving
    State and federal employees will have an opportunity this fall to participate in charitable giving through a payroll deduction selection.
  • In-sites
    As the issues regarding attorney ethics, including ethical concerns for government lawyers, have expanded over the years, the number of electronic resources for attorneys seeking guidance on ethical issues have likewise increased.
  • News you can use
    The Chicago Bar Association's 2000 production of Christmas Spirits is entitled 2001: A Case Odyssey.
  • Government lawyer survey now on Committee on Government Lawyers’ Web site
    The brief survey for government lawyers that first appeared as a part of the first Committee on Government Lawyers newsletter now also appears on the Committee's sub-site on the ISBA's Web site.
  • Someone you should know: profiles in government
    Following a suggestion in a response to our survey last issue, we have profiled the attorneys who make up the Standing Committee on Government Lawyers.

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