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Government Lawyers NewsletterThe newsletter of the ISBA’s Standing Committee on Government Lawyers

December 2002, vol. 4, no. 3

In This Issue…

  • From the chair
    Earlier this year, the ISBA's Standing Committee on Government Lawyers (CGL) invited government attorneys to respond to a brief survey concerning bar association membership issues.
  • Our first CLE program—A rave review
    On September 19, 2002, the Standing Committee on Government Lawyers sponsored, in conjunction with the ABA's Government & Public Sector Lawyers Division, a continuing legal education program produced by and for government lawyers.
  • Mark your calendar
    The Standing Committee on Government Lawyers is again hosting a reception as part of the ISBA's Mid-Year Meeting Activities.
  • Secret agendas and the Illinois Open Meetings Act*
    The Illinois Open Meetings Act is designed to give citizens advance notice of all meetings at which any business of a public body is discussed or acted upon in any way.
  • Attorney General issues opinions
    Under section 4 of the Attorney General Act (15 ILCS 205/4 (West 2000)), the Attorney General is authorized, upon request, to give written legal opinions to state officers and state's attorneys on matters relating to their official duties.
  • “Taking the Fifth” at an administrative hearing
    During contested cases before administrative tribunals, it sometimes happens that a witness refuses to testify on the ground that his answer might tend to incriminate him.
  • Legislative update
    The following is the third article in a series of articles summarizing pieces of legislation enacted by the 92nd General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Ryan that may be of general interest to government attorneys.
  • So you’re looking for a job?
    Lawyers working for government agencies are frequently affected by the biennial or quadrennial election process.
  • News you can use
    The American Bar Association's Standing Committee on Lawyers' Professional Liability is sponsoring the 2003 Levit Essay Contest for young lawyers and law students who are members of the ABA.
  • Case law update
    The circuit court did not err when it denied defendant's motion to transfer venue in a mandamus action seeking to compel defendant agency to comply with the provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act with regard to a union complaint that "the hospital had failed to comply with the conditions of its construction permit relating to local union issues."

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