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Government Lawyers NewsletterThe newsletter of the ISBA’s Standing Committee on Government Lawyers

November 2003, vol. 5, no. 2

In This Issue…

  • From the chair
    I am pleased to report on the activity of the Committee on Government Lawyers since our last newsletter. First and foremost, our ethics seminar, “Ethical Considerations in Public Sector Law,” was presented in Springfield on 12 September 2003.
  • Encore CLE program
    On September 12, 2003, the Standing Committee on Government Lawyers, in conjunction with the Government Bar Association, sponsored a continuing legal education program in Springfield, produced by and for government lawyers, entitled “Ethical Considerations in Public Sector Law.”
  • The first appearance
    When appearing before a federal judge for the first time on a case, you of course want to make a good impression not only for yourself, but for your client and your case as well.
  • Federal rule change
    The United States District Court for the Central District of Illinois has adopted an emergency rule banning “electronic devices” from federal courthouses.
  • Someone you should know: Diann Marsalek
    Diann Marsalek has no trouble keeping busy. As Chief Counsel for the Illinois Department of Corrections (“DOC”), she is responsible for all legal affairs involving 13,000 DOC staff members, the 44,000 adults currently housed in Illinois’ correctional facilities, and the thousands more residing in adult transition centers and juvenile detention centers.
  • Ethics corner
    Although part of the Web site is still “under construction,” public information about Illinois attorneys, an explanation of the operation of the Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission (“ARDC”) rules, and links to use for researching ethics issues are currently available at: .
  • News you can use: Ethics bill update
    On August 26, 2003, Governor Rod R. Blagojevich filed his long-anticipated amendatory veto of House Bill 3412. House Bill 3412, among other things, creates the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act and prohibits state officers and state employees of the executive and legislative branches of state government and the office of the Auditor General from engaging in political activities on state time.
  • The Governor’s amendatory veto of House Bill 3412—What it could mean for units of local government
    As discussed elsewhere in this newsletter, Governor Rod Blagojevich recently filed an amendatory veto of House Bill 3412. House Bill 3412 (“HB 3412”), among other things, creates the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act.
  • In-sites
    This edition of the In-sites column provides a listing of some useful Web sites with information about the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”).
  • Enforcement of municipal ordinances—A new, efficient method
    Every profession has its own set of regularly occurring frustrating circumstances.
  • Case law update
    Doe v. Illinois Department of Professional Regulation, No. 1-02-1045 (1st District, June 26, 2003).

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