Member Groups

Law Student Division

The Law School Committee is comprised of 2 to 4 representatives from each affiliated law school in Illinois and each affiliated law school outside of the State of Illinois.  Representatives are to be appointed to the committee or elected through Student Bar Association (SBA) elections.

Responsibilities include:  1) Promotion of student membership; 2) Recommend and assist in sponsoring programs by the association at the individual law schools to educate and inform law students on the practice of law and on related topics; 3) Represent the ISBA to the SBA Board; 4) Engage in committee projects which will benefit law students and the public; 5) Assist other bar association committees on projects.

Promotion of membership includes:

  1. Membership table with information and applications during orientation/organization days.
  2. Assist association headquarters staff in preparing and mailing of letters from law student representatives with a student application in August/September.
  3. Distribution of flyer on seminars and program events being sponsored by the ISBA.
  4. Co-Sponsorship, when appropriate, with other organizations at the law school on educational and social programs.
  5. Publicity on law school programs, upcoming ISBA events, and law student member benefits.

Interested in being a law student representative from your school? If you are an ISBA member, please contact Lynne Davis,, or Rachel McDermott,, for more information.

In order to better serve ISBA representatives in their role, ISBA will sponsor law student programs and events (maximum sponsorship of $300) that directly relate to enhancing association membership and career building. Please fill out the sponsorship application detailing your event/program and submit the application to Lynne Davis, and Rachel McDermott, for approval. If you have questions, call (800)252-8908.

Committee Roster

  • Jessica R. Durkin, Chicago, Co-Chair
  • Marron A. Mahoney, Chicago, Co-Chair
  • Casey Brown, Chicago, Member
  • Amy Ceranowicz, Champaign, Member
  • Anthony R. Cozzi, Frankfort, Member
  • Anna Marie DeVries, Saint Louis, Member
  • Avvennett J. Gezahan, Dallas, Member
  • Jonathan Scott Grabill, Chicago, Member
  • Kaitlin Marie Hargate, Rockford, Member
  • Nathan James Howze, Chicago, Member
  • Meghan Jirasek, Hickory Hills, Member
  • Nicollette Liv Khuans, Chicago, Member
  • Mary Kim, Chicago, Member
  • Timothy Ryan Meloy, Chicago, Member
  • Sean Miller, Dieterich, Member
  • Justino L. Mirabelli, Chicago, Member
  • Sarah Miruzzi, Chicago, Member
  • Jason Montemayor, Dekalb, Member
  • Rory Patrick Quinn, Chicago, Member
  • Mara Salerno, Chicago, Member
  • Maria Katerina Sarantakis, Gurnee, Member
  • Justin Malloy Simpson, Carbondale, Member
  • Stephanie Tang, Chicago, Member
  • Anushi Trivedi, Dekalb, Member
  • Ashley Beth Turkowski, Saint Louis, Member
  • Gianna Venticinque, Mount Prospect, Member
  • Ashley Weis, Champaign, Member
  • David Jonathan Welch, Chicago, Member
  • Lindsey Anne Weltman, Bloomington, Member
  • Lynne Davis, Illinois State Bar Association, Springfield, Staff Liaison
  • Rachel McDermott, Illinois State Bar Association, Chicago, Staff Liaison