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ISBA discussion groups let you pose questions to and share information with lawyers from Chicago to Cairo. All ISBA members are eligible to join the discussion groups listed below.

General discussion

Open to all law-related topics.

ISBAcafe discussion

Open to any topic.

What Members Are Saying

"It's like having all the benefits of a partnership without the office politics."
Melissa Maye

"Thanks for all your quick responses. WOW!!! This list is so great!"
Peggy Raddatz

Senior Lawyers


Open to ARDC rules and procedures, cases, bar regulation, professionalism, and related topics.

Litigation discussion

Open to civil practice, tort and litigation-oriented topics.

Transactional Law discussion

Open to transactional-law topics.

Family Law discussion

Open to family law topics.

Criminal-DUI-traffic discussion

Open to discussion about criminal law, DUI, and traffic topics.

Section Discussion Groups

Offered as a benefit to section membership, you must be a member of the section to be able to access its discussion group.