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Expert Services Directory: Business Valuation & Damage Claims Analysis

Corporate Valuation Services, Inc.

Corporate Valuation Services, Inc.


Offices in Chicago & Glen Ellyn, IL
Chicago, IL 60606

Phone: (312) 324-0340

Web Site:

We are a focused business valuation consulting firm performing Business Valuations, Damage Claims and Forensic Analysis needed in litigation support.

Representative Engagements:

Family Law Engagements
  • Report Testimony: 13 Member Surgical Group
  • Trial Testimony: Survived Two Motions-in-Limine
  • Report Testimony: $35MM Fitness Equipment Company
Corporate Engagements
  • Binding Fairness Opinion: Retained by Corporation and Exiting Executive Shareholder
  • Share Buyback: Appraisal of $350MM Trading Company
  • S-Corporation Election: $30MM Chemical Distributor
  • Solvency Opinion: $275MM Logistics Company
Private Client Engagements
  • U.S. Tax Court Report Testimony: $80MM Energy Company – Personal Goodwill Assessment
  • Numerous FLP Discount Studies Sustaining Audit, Including a Matter with 16 Different Entities
  • Probate Court Report: Forensic Report on Trust Department Fees
  • Appraisal of $250MM Infrastructure Company as part of the Gift to Donor Advised Fund
Litigation Engagements
  • Report Testimony: Michigan Chancery Court (Shareholder Oppression)
  • Trial Testimony: Intellectual Property Litigation Against Private Equity Group in Law Court
  • Report Testimony: Matter in Federal Court in Litigation against SEC
  • Calculation Report: Appraisal for Mediation – Settled at CVS’s Opinion of Value