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Medical Marijuana Comes to Illinois By Ed Finkel April 2014 Article, Page 172 What will the Medical Cannabis Act mean for patients? For employers? Others? Prepare to advise clients about what some are calling the most restrictive medical marijuana law in the country.
Practice-Launching Tips for Solos and Small Firms By Ed Finkel February 2014 Article, Page 72 Time to strike out on your own? Veteran practitioners help you get off to a good start - and avoid common missteps - with tips on marketing, billing, retainers, client management, and more.
Low Cost Technology for Highly Productive Lawyers By Ed Finkel January 2014 Article, Page 20 Now more than ever, great technology tools - many especially designed for lawyers - are amazingly affordable if not free. But don't forget the crucial difference between "frugal" and "cheap."
‘Aim for the Top’ By Ed Finkel November 2013 Article, Page 564 After a four-decade ascent through all levels of the Illinois court system, Rita Garman becomes Illinois's second female chief justice.
Limited Scope, Expanded Opportunity By Ed Finkel October 2013 Article, Page 508 Recent Illinois Supreme Court rule changes enable lawyers to represent clients in litigation for only a portion of a case. Proponents say that's good for lawyers, clients, and judges.
Reaching Out to Generation Next By Ed Finkel August 2013 Article, Page 400 Young lawyers have different needs than their more senior colleagues. New President Paula Holderman wants to make sure the ISBA speaks their language.
Rainmaking in Dry Times By Ed Finkel June 2013 Article, Page 288 How do you attract new clients and retain existing ones in this economy? Consultants and Illinois lawyers offer battle-tested tips.