Illinois Bar Journal
Articles From Mark S. Mathewson

Want More Clients? Start Blogging By Mark S. Mathewson May 2014 Column, Page 250 Blogging drives prospective clients through social media to your website.
New Lawyer: Know What a Will Won’t Do By Mark S. Mathewson February 2014 Column, Page 102 Important assets pass outside probate, and lawyers should plan accordingly.
The Ethics of Lost Laptops, Cloud Computing By Mark S. Mathewson November 2013 Column, Page 588 What duty do you have to clients if your laptop is stolen?
Employee or Independent Contractor? By Mark S. Mathewson August 2013 Column, Page 429 An ISBA CLE program helps general practitioners distinguish the two.
Illinois Judges Speak Out on Settlement Conferences By Mark S. Mathewson November 2002 Article, Page 604 Six judges from around the state describe their approach to pre-trial settlement conferences.