"Every Lawyer's Guide To..." Wants You!

While generalists are an endangered species in the law and most other fields, lawyers still need to know a lot about a little. What's something every lawyer should know about your area of concentration or practice setting? Something you can explain to the uninitiated in 750 words or fewer? We invite you to contribute to our new column and to share your knowledge with 30,000 colleagues.

While the column has no set format, please follow these guidelines:

  • Be specific and practice-oriented. No glittering generalities or folk wisdom, please. Write about some specific facet of your practice. This first column represents one approach you might take.
  • Be conversational. You're writing a column, not a law review article. 
  • Be brief. Again, 750 words.

To submit a column or for more information, contact Mark Mathewson at