Illinois Bar Journal
Articles on Loss Prevention

Blogs for Dummies Immigrants By Karen Erger October 2009 Column, Page 526 What's a blog, you ask? Read on.
Malpractice Top 40 By Karen Erger August 2009 Column, Page 424 A review of chart-topping lawyer errors.
A Spy in the House of Law By Karen Erger June 2009 Column, Page 316 The tenets of spycraft ("never go against your gut") make pretty good rules for recent admittees.
Lawyers, Guns and Money: Pop Songs and Legal Ethics By Karen Erger April 2009 Column, Page 208 A musical lesson in malpractice prevention.
Weathering the Storm By Karen Erger February 2009 Column, Page 98 Don't make bad economic times worse with bad management decisions.
Talking About You By Karen Erger December 2008 Column, Page 644 Make sure your ads and other communications to the public don't violate ethics rules.
Bacon-Saving Support Staff By Karen Erger October 2008 Column, Page 536 Don't think your support staff can make or break you? Think again.
In the Wake of the Flood: A Reminder about Disaster Readiness By Karen Erger August 2008 Column, Page 422 Plan for disasters natural and manmade now, while the river is in its banks.
Cover Me: Documentation Is More Than CYA By Karen Erger June 2008 Column, Page 316 Thoughtful domumentation promotes good communication and good decisions.
Five Secrets Not to Keep from Your Insurer By Karen Erger April 2008 Column, Page 216 Don't risk losing valuable coverage by being less than forthcoming with your insurer.
Get it One Piece at a Time By Karen Erger February 2008 Column, Page 100 If you take away one small skill from the workplace every day, you can build a useful, satisfying career.
Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More By Karen Erger December 2007 Column, Page 660 Ten time wasters that can cause your time “inventory” to shrink.
E-mail Ethics: An Audience with the Wizard By Karen Erger October 2007 Column, Page 552 Find out what to do if you misdirect an e-mail or reveal embarrassing metadata.
Are You a Client-Savvy Counselor? By Karen Erger August 2007 Column, Page 440 Sometimes the best client is the one you turn away.
Taking (Back) Your Vacation By Karen Erger June 2007 Column, Page 322 When was the last time you left the BlackBerry at home and took a real vacation?
Heed the Warning of the “Bad Feeling” By Karen Erger April 2007 Column, Page 212 Watch for warning signs that presage problem clients.
A Little Dabbling’ll Do Ya In By Karen Erger February 2007 Column, Page 106 Ignorance of the law is no excuse, especially for lawyers.
Billing Gallantly By Karen Erger December 2006 Column, Page 684 "Don't pad your bill" - that's stating the obvious, right? So why must we keep stating it? Time can't change me But I can't trace time - David Bowie
Preparing for a Rainy Day By Karen Erger October 2006 Column, Page 562 Tips for creating your firm's emergency plan.
Busting Professional Liability Insurance Myths By Karen Erger August 2006 Column, Page 442 Dealing with an uninsured malpractice claim is no stroll down the midway.
The Safer Sharer By Karen Erger June 2006 Column, Page 322 Office sharers must keep their practices separate and their confidences secret.
Mono-Mania: The Case Against “Multitasking” By Karen Erger April 2006 Column, Page 206 Doing too many things at once makes Jack or Jill a dimwitted lawyer.
Expectations in an Envelope By Karen Erger February 2006 Column, Page 96 So why do lawyers use those self-serving engagement letters? Oh, the many reasons.
Teach Your Newbies Well By Karen Erger October 2005 Column, Page 542 You teach by example – is your example worth emulating?  
More than the Blues By Karen Erger August 2005 Column, Page 422 Know a lawyer who suffers from depression? Here's how to help.  
An E-Minder By Karen Erger June 2005 Column, Page 316 Would you want to read that e-mail in the newspaper? Think before you send.
Pure Heart, Commingled Funds By Karen Erger April 2005 Column, Page 210 Your funds and your clients' don't mix. Ever.
Avoiding the Cliff-Hanger Ending By Karen Erger February 2005 Column, Page 96 Beware: dissolving law firm can end up sans malpractice coverage.
Ring in the New Year with Better Client Relationships By Karen Erger December 2004 Column, Page 650 Ten reminders for 2005.
Procrastination: Raising the Stakes By Karen Erger October 2004 Column, Page 544 Ten tips to tame your inner procrastinator.