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Tax on Legal Services Ahead? Help LAWPAC Help Lawyers By Umberto S. Davi February 2016 Column, Page 10 This will be an important year in Springfield, and LAWPAC needs your help.
Schedule Time for Yourself By Umberto S. Davi January 2016 Column, Page 10 Don't forget to put "having a life" on your calendar.
40 Years and Counting By Umberto S. Davi December 2015 Column, Page 10 Congratulations to Bob Craghead for 40 years of service to the ISBA.
The Many Things Lawyers Can Do By Ralph Cagle November 2015 Column, Page 12 Lawyers are multitalented, multi­dimensional people who use their legal training and skill in a variety of ways.
New Initiatives Help ISBA Members Adapt to a Changing Profession By Umberto S. Davi October 2015 Column, Page 10 ISBA is launching new programs to help lawyers succeed in the face of unprecedented change.
Ready or Not, the Future is Coming By Umberto S. Davi September 2015 Column, Page 10 The ABA meeting was a chance to think big about the future of our profession.
Projects and Priorities for the Year Ahead By Umberto S. Davi August 2015 Column, Page 8 Expanding practice opportunities for law students and launching ISBA legal forms are just two of the items on this year's agenda.
America, the Immigrant’s Dream By Umberto S. Davi July 2015 Column, Page 10 America is a place where a 14-year-old from Sicily has the freedom and opportunity to prosper.
An Immigrant’s Tale By Ed Finkel July 2015 Article, Page 22 ISBA President Umberto Davi arrived as a 14-year-old from Sicily and rose to success in law and life.
We’re All in This Together By Richard D. Felice June 2015 Column, Page 8 Oregon and California could join Washington in authorizing LLLTs.
More States Consider Licensing Legal Technicians By Richard D. Felice May 2015 Column, Page 8 Oregon and California could join Washington in authorizing LLLTs.
The Changing Market for Legal Services By Richard D. Felice April 2015 Column, Page 8 More prospective clients are looking online and elsewhere for legal help.
Ready, Set, Vote! By Richard D. Felice March 2015 Column, Page 8 ISBA election season opens this month.
Words Worth Repeating By Richard D. Felice February 2015 Column, Page 8 Lawyers should commit themselves to "unimpeachable justice."
Focus on Civics Education By Richard D. Felice January 2015 Column, Page 8 ISBA is teaming up with the Illinois Judges Association to promote civics education.
Holiday Greetings By Richard D. Felice December 2014 Column, Page 564 From Rick, Umberto, Vince, Russ, and Paula A special thanks to our members of the Illinois State Bar Association family. Hope your holidays are full of joy, family, friends, and happiness, with all the best in the New Year.
Join the ISBA President’s Club By Richard D. Felice November 2014 Column, Page 516 Join the President's Club - and the elite Founders Circle - and help the ISBA do even more.
Ready to Lead? Nominate Yourself for an ISBA Committee or Section Council By Umberto S. Davi October 2014 Column, Page 464 Looking for a chance to lead? To grow? To make a difference in the Illinois State Bar Association and the legal profession? Then consider nominating yourself for one of our many section councils and committees for 2015-16.
ISBA’s Solo & Small Firm Practice Institute By Richard D. Felice September 2014 Column, Page 416 Great practice-oriented programming is coming to a venue near you.
Member Service in Two Great Spaces By Richard D. Felice August 2014 Column, Page 364 The ISBA's Springfield and Chicago offices are worth a fresh look.
The Year Ahead By Richard D. Felice July 2014 Column, Page 312 The plans and priorities of ISBA's new president.
The Year in Review By Paula H. Holderman June 2014 Column, Page 264 A look at the projects, programs, and many accomplishments that made up the 2013-14 bar year.
The Leadership Journey By Paula H. Holderman May 2014 Column, Page 212 Reflections on an exhilarating, exhausting year.
Adapting to the New Legal Marketplace By Paula H. Holderman April 2014 Column, Page 160 Sharper competition is challenging law firms, law schools, and bar associations.
Low-Tech Is Not an Option By Paula H. Holderman March 2014 Column, Page 112 Lawyers must get comfortable with practice-related technology or risk losing business and running afoul of ethics rules.
Building the ISBA of the Future By Paula H. Holderman February 2014 Column, Page 60 The heat of forward motion is making February a warm month at ISBA.
Travels with the ISBA Umbrella By Paula H. Holderman January 2014 Column, Page 8 Large bar, small bar - we all need each other.
Season’s Greetings By Paula H. Holderman December 2013 Column, Page 604 Happy Holidays from the ISBA.
Welcome to the Profession By Paula H. Holderman November 2013 Column, Page 552 Real law careers begin with the ISBA.
We’ve Come a Long Way, But We’re Not There Yet By Paula H. Holderman October 2013 Column, Page 496 Though women lawyers have come a long way, there's unfinished business.