Illinois Bar Journal
Articles on Real Estate Law

Nonassignability Clauses in Commercial Leases: When is an Assignment Not an Assignment? By John C. Murray December 1999 Article, Page 658 This article discusses a Rule 23 opinion holding that a nonassignability clause in a lease does not prohibit the tenant's collateral assignment of its interest as security for a loan.
The Lawyer’s Journal By Bonnie McGrath September 1999 Column, Page 454 "Same part of the body'' rule update.
Implied warranty of habitability does not extend to a clubhouse July 1999 Illinois Law Update, Page 351 On May 20, 1999, the Illinois Supreme Court held that the appellate court properly affirmed the circuit court's dismissal of the plaintiff's claim that the implied warranty of habitability extended to a clubhouse in a residential development.
The Lawyer’s Journal By Bonnie McGrath June 1999 Column, Page 298 Guilty but mentally ill'' passes constitutional muster
Trust Accounts and the New Rules for Real Estate Closings By Paul Sullivan May 1999 Column, Page 281 Now lawyers can conduct real estate closings and distribute checks before the buyer's check has cleared, putting them on a level field with title companies and lenders.
Enforcing Judgments Against Property Held in Tenancy by the Entirety By Ronald R. Peterson and David R. Seligman April 1999 Article, Page 196 When and how can creditors attack married debtors' transfer of property from joint tenancy to tenancy by the entirety? A discussion of the murky law.
The Lawyer’s Journal By Bonnie McGrath April 1999 Column, Page 186 Offer, acceptance, consideration, and criminal law.
An owner of record title of property, who has no legal or equitable interest in the property, has no right to redeem the property March 1999 Illinois Law Update, Page 130 On December 31, 1998, the Illinois Supreme Court disagreed with the appellate court when it held that the owner of record title who has no legal or equitable interest has no right to redeem, but affirmed the appellate court on different grounds.
Acquisition, Management and Disposal of Real Property February 1999 Illinois Law Update, Page 73 On November 16, 1998, the Department of Central Management Services, the agency that leases or acquires property for all state agencies or authorities, enacted amendments and new provisions into section 5000 of its administrative rules. 44 Ill Adm Code 5000.
Additional Conditions Apply to Delinquent Property Tax Liability of Mortgage Lenders; PA 90-575 January 1999 Illinois Law Update, Page 13 Two additional conditions must be met before the state can hold mortgage lenders liable for delinquent property taxes.
The Lawyer’s Journal By Bonnie McGrath December 1998 Column, Page 658 RICO and privacy and fraud (and family law), oh my!
Reducing Real Estate Tax Assessments for Contaminated Property By H. Alfred Ryan December 1998 Article, Page 680 Here's how to lower the property-tax bill for clients who own contaminated real estate.
The Lawyer’s Journal By Bonnie Fitzgerald McGrath November 1998 Column, Page 590 Post-Ellerth business boom?