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The billing world is FLAT: Making flat fees work
By William S. Wilson, Law Office Management & Economics, April 2013
Flat fees are a profitable alternative to hourly billing if researched and analyzed correctly.

Now How Much Would You Pay? Avoiding Involuntary Pro Bono
By Karen Erger, Illinois Bar Journal, August 2010
Lawyers tend to be uneasy with the business side practice, but there's nothing unprofessional about getting paid. Here's how to increase the odds that you will.

Bill4Time Internet-based time and billing software
By Alan R. Press, Legal Technology, August 2008
The author has never been able to find the perfect Time and Billing Software for my solo practice. The programs are usually too complicated and cumbersome or too basic and lacking in functionality. Luckily, Bill4Time has been a great solution and middle ground.

Make fiduciary accounting software work for you
By Janet L. Grove, Trusts & Estates, December 2011
A discussion of the benefits of using software to manage the office's accounts.

Transitioning to Clio: A personal diary
By Alan R. Press, Legal Technology, February 2012
How does the change to Clio affect the author's workflow on a daily basis? What benefits have been realized? What set-backs have been encountered?

Transitioning to Clio: A personal diary, part 2
By Alan R. Press, Legal Technology, March 2012
The author discusses the pleasant surprises and disappointments with Clio after a month of use.

Bill for your value, not just your labor
By Dan Breen, Law Office Management and Economics, April 2011
How do we stray from straight time billing when time is such an important part of our stock in trade?

The trouble with hourly billing
By Helen W. Gunnarsson, Illinois Bar Journal, June 2007
Does the tradition of billing by the hour push lawyers to pad bills and thus engage in the kind of "dishonest" behavior forbidden by the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct?

Beyond the Billable Hour
By Helen W. Gunnarsson, Illinois Bar Journal, February 2012
More and more clients - and lawyers for that matter - are looking for value-based alternatives to the billable hour. The good news? They can be a win-win for attorney and client.

Question: How is the legal profession responding to the challenges of the recession? Answer: Alternative billing practices
By Patrick T. Driscoll, Jr. and Patricia M. Fallon, The Public Servant, April 2010
A look at how the current economy is affecting billing practices.

Changes: How an alternative rock song can provide insight to the evolution of the cost for legal services
By Joseph B. VanFleet, Law Office Management and Economics, February 2012
Without question, the unique predicament facing us today is our economic environment. In light of this adversity, law firms today face the need to modify their price structure to address the changing demands of corporate clients.

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