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Things they didn't teach in law school - Practice Resource Center

Not everything a lawyer needs to know can be learned in law school. Below fellow attorneys share the insight they've gained from having been there and done that.


More things you never learned in law school
By Bradford L. Bennett
Some suggestions the author wishes he had known before starting his career.

10 things judges wish you knew about legal writing
By Timothy J. Storm, YLDNews, December 2012
Are you aware of the 10 most common writing errors and how to avoid them?

The best compliment I ever received
By Heather Pfeffer, YLDNews, August 2012
The author reminds that being a good litigator and being a nice person are not mutually exclusive.

Tips for new associates
By Erin Wilson, YLDNews, June 2012
A few guidelines for those just starting out.

Adjusting to the practice of law: Reflections on five years of practice
By Ebony R. Huddleston, The Challenge, October 2011
As a new attorney in a small firm, the author has discovered three important things for which law school could not have prepared her.

Words of Wisdom
By Rebecca E. Cahan, YLDNews, June 2010
Three experienced lawyers reflect on their own career journeys and offer their insight.

The top 10 things they did not teach me in law school
By Dennis A. Norden, Family Law, October 2007
Upon starting the actual practice of our profession, nearly every attorney begins to realize how little he or she knows.

The second top 10 things they did not teach me in law school
By Dennis A. Norden, Business Advice and Financial Planning, May 2007
A list of 10 things the author has learned on the job.