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Want to find a mentor or become one yourself? Are you looking for more information about the benefits of mentorship? We have lots of insight to help!

ISBA Lawyer-to-Lawyer Mentoring Program
The ISBA proudly supports mentoring and acknowledges the value of having experienced lawyers provide professional guidance and share practical knowledge with new lawyers during the critical transition from law student to legal practitioner.


Mentoring—what we have to do
By Steven C. Lindberg, Law Office Management and Economics, April 2011
As more-experienced attorneys, it is our job, our professional obligation to teach the younger or more inexperienced members of the bar how to practice law.

Seeking wisdom
By Jean A. Kenol, YLDNews, February 2010
The single best (and most memorable) piece of advice that I received came from a professor of mine during my junior year of college. He told me to always "seek wisdom." In his explanation of this advice he told me to seek advice from trusted people who have been down the paths I will take throughout my life. Basically, find a mentor. This advice never became more valuable than when I started my legal career.

Mentoring matters
By Hon. Debra B. Walker, Administrative Law, June 2012
Given that CLE credit is now available for mentoring programs for both the mentor and the mentee, there is no better time to launch an official mentoring program at your firm, your alma mater, or your bar association.

Attorney mentoring—Pass it on
By Jayne Reardon, The Challenge, October 2011
In October of last year the Illinois Supreme Court adopted Supreme Court Rule 795(d)(12), which provides that lawyers completing a year-long structured mentoring program, as either mentors or mentees, may satisfy their entire professional responsibility CLE requirement.

Building diversity and inclusion through CLE and lawyer-to-lawyer mentoring
By Jayne Reardon, Diversity Leadership Council, June 2011
Now, thanks to the Illinois Supreme Court's recent approval of a recommendation of the Commission on Professionalism, experienced attorneys supporting the development of new lawyers through an approved mentoring program may receive professional responsibility CLE credit under new Supreme Court Rule 795(d)(12), and activities around diversity and inclusion are a key component of the Commission's approved mentoring plan.

Illinois Supreme Court makes peer mentor program available to Illinois judges
By Joseph Tybor, Bench and Bar, February 2010
The Illinois Supreme Court has announced an expansion of its judge mentoring program designed to aid judges in the performance of their judicial duties.

Get it One Piece at a Time
By Karen J. Dilibert, Illinois Bar Journal, February 2008

If you take away one new skill – however small – from the workplace every day, eventually you'll have a useful, satisfying career that will get you where you want to go.

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