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The ISBA's Web page on Pro Bono Opportunities and Information for Lawyers informs members of pro bono opportunities available to Illinois lawyers through various legal service providers and also contains stories about pro bono opportunities and the experiences other lawyers have had participating in pro bono.


Everyday pro bono
By Timothy J. Storm, Administrative Law, February 2013
So much of what a great many solo and small firm practitioners do every day may be rightly described as pro bono publico—for the public good—in the fullest and truest sense.

What's in a Name
By Michael G. Bergmann, January 2013
Almost as eloquently as Shakespeare, our very own Illinois Supreme Court has with great clarity provided us a clear and indisputable definition of pro bono.

Profiles in Pro Bono Excellence: Where are they now
By Mara Block, November 2012
In light of the recent call for nominations for the ISBA's John C. McAndrews Pro Bono Service Award, the committee wanted to go back to some of the early recipients and see what they are up to. Have they continued to be involved in pro bono work? Where have their careers taken them? What impact has doing pro bono had on their careers? 

Lending legal pro bono skills to a not-for-profit—Another way to make charitable contributions
By Jennifer Sellers Wong, YLDNews, June 2012
Assist a not-for-profit corporation obtain a 501(c)(3) status and help a charitable organization while earning pro bono legal hours for yourself. 

Pro bono = Career development: Four reasons why pro bono can help your career and resources for doing pro bono
By Michael G. Bergmann, YLDNews, December 2008
Can pro bono work translate into assisting with your career development? Absolutely!

Doing well by doing good (or, just in case you needed more reasons to do pro bono)
By Howard W. Anderson III, Young Lawyers Division, October 2007
An acute shortage of legal aid attorneys throughout Illinois (and the rest of the country) means that all too many individuals must navigate the legal system alone.

For the Public Good: A Program to Get High School Students Involved in the Legal System
By Hon. Barbara Crowder, August 2012
One of the goals of the Madison County Internship Program is to reach high school students from diverse backgrounds that are interested in careers in the legal field by pairing the students with volunteer attorneys for four weeks.

Lawyers Find Personal Satisfaction by Helping with Pro Bono Matters
By Michael T. O'Connor, June 2011
Most lawyers entered the profession because of a desire to make this world a better place, and providing pro bono assistance to a low-income client provides a very tangible means to do just that.

Forming Partnerships and Improving Lives
By Ramona Sullivan, April 2011
Many problems cannot be solved by medicine alone. Many problems require legal intervention.

When Disaster Strikes, Illinois Residents Will Be Ready
By Julie K. Katz, January 2011
Have you ever thought about how many legal issues arise when there is a natural disaster?

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