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  • Fee Not-So-Simple: Referral Fee Dos and Don’ts
    By Helen Gunnarsson, Illinois Bar Journal, May 2005
    It's permissible to refer cases to other lawyers and share in the fee, as long as all the requirements are met. But just because you can share a fee doesn't necessarily mean you should.
  • Putting Your Firm on the Web
    By Mary Katherine Danna, Illinois Bar Journal, November 2005
    Includes a discussion of client referral services.
  • Referral Fees
    Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission
    Ten Ethics Questions from Young Lawyers

ISBA Advisory Opinions on Professional Conduct

  • 03-06 Referral fees; retaining responsibility for matter after leaving law firm
  • 99-06 Conflicts of interests
  • 98-02 Independent contractors
  • 92-23 Computerized for profit referral services
  • 90-26 Conflicts
  • 90-18 Referral fees; division between referring and receiving lawyers
  • 90-11 Division of Fees with Referring Attorney
  • 840 Referral networks
  • 776 Of Counsel relationships/referral fees

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