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In today's competitive environment, you need tech tools to help you increase your bottom line, serve clients better, and reduce your risk of malpractice or ethics missteps.

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The ISBA is committed to helping you leverage the power of practice-oriented technology. Toward that end, we've formed partnerships with tech vendors in key areas to help you make wise choices and, in many cases, provide you with discounted services.


Everything you could ever want to know about "QR Codes"—whatever they are
By Leonard F. Amari, Senior Lawyers, February 2013
What a QR Code is, why you need one, and how you can even create your own.

Taking the plunge with WealthCounsel
By Alan R. Press, Trusts and Estates, January 2013
The author's initial impressions of WealthCounsel, an estate planning system.

Seiko's Smart Label Printers bring your firm to the future!
By Alan Pearlman, Law Office Management and Economics, June 2012
A review of the Seiko Smart Label Printer 450.

Laptop printing at a hotel
By Todd Flaming, Legal Technology, October 2010
Away from your office and need to print? This Web site offers the solution.

Pensoft Payroll 2010 Professional
By Bryan Sims, Legal Technology, October 2010
A great software addition for lawyers doing their own bookkeeping-- This software version includes the ability to export information for direct deposit, as well as the ability to generate W-2s.

Windows 7: Is it right for your practice (now)?
By Robert C. Thurston, Legal Technology, October 2010
The pros and cons of upgrading your law practice to Windows 7.

"Hello, may I help you?" Yes,
By Robert C. Thurston, Legal Technology, September 2010
One of the problems that solos and some small firms face is hiring a good receptionist that provides a professional voice to the outside world. Ruby makes potential clients feel as if they are hiring the best lawyers.

Using Adobe Acrobat for your legal research
By Bryan Sims, Legal Technology, September 2010
By printing a case to PDF, you can leverage technology to make your research more user-friendly and accessible.

Adobe Acrobat 9—More or less for the law office
By Alan Pearlman, Law Office Management and Economics, June 2010
A brief explanation of the differences between Adobe Acrobat 8 and 9, and the reasons you may want to upgrade.

How good is your e-mail evidence ?...RPost® Registered E-Mail® gives you the courtroom edge!
By Alan Pearlman, Law Office Management and Economics, June 2010
Save yourself time and worry-- RPost provides you a registered receipt for each e-mail you send.

LPES—Protecting your laptop from prying eyes
By Alan Pearlman, Law Office Management and Economics, June 2010
Four simple steps to help you protect the confidential information contained on your laptop, should it become lost or stolen.

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