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Taking Your Practice to the Cloud
By Maria Kantzavelos, Illinois Bar Journal, April 2012
Wouldn't it be great to access case files from your laptop while tagging along on your spouse's business trip? Or store essential documents where no fire, flood, or tornado can reach them? Guess what? You can, and here's how.

Virtual law firms: the new reality of lawyer collaboration
By Helen W. Gunnarsson, Illinois Bar Journal, August 2010
The keynote speaker at October's ISBA Solo and Small Firm Conference will tell participants how to thrive in a tough economy and changing practice landscape.

Does Your Law Firm Need a Virtual Reality?
By Peter R. Olson, Illinois Bar Journal, October 2011
Do you really need that expensive office space you're leasing? Internet-based legal software innovations offer practitioners ways to cut costs while expanding their potential client base. And you can start small, adding cost-saving virtual parts to your practice before taking it all online.

The virtual practice: The what and why
By R. Andrew Smith, Law Office Management and Economics, October 2009
The virtual office concept has been around for some time; however, it has not typically been used in the context of practicing law.  

My (virtual) road to a (real) better life
By Timothy J. Storm, General Practice, Solo & Small Firm, February 2012
Section Chair Timothy Storm shares his experiences in transforming his practice into a virtual law office.

On the road again: My (virtual) road to a (real) better life—Part 2
By Timothy J. Storm, General Practice, Solo & Small Firm, July 2012
The second in this two-part series that looks at the costs and benefits of converting to a virtual law practice.

Using a home office and virtual workers: Our firm's experience
By Peter R. Olson, Law Office Management and Economics, May 2008
What's the worst decision the author has made related to his law firm since its founding? Paying rent for a Chicago Loop office he didn't need and hardly ever used.

Status report on my paperless office
By Alan R. Press, Legal Technology, September 2010
A paperless office may not be for everyone, but author Alan Press discusses how it has made his practice more efficient and more profitable.

Taming the paper tiger
By Trent L. Bush, Legal Technology, March 2006
How many times have you been fumbling through a file looking for a specific document and said to yourself, "I just saw that thing in here yesterday!"

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