Section Newsletter Articles on Business Valuation

Oldie but goodie and other wisdoms in valuations By Tony Garvy and James Arogeti Family Law, September 2014 The latest Illinois valuation case, In re Marriage of Hanusin, brings clarity and logic to some discrete valuation issues.
Standards of value in a business valuation By Andrew G. Vaughn Business Advice and Financial Planning, January 2013 Clients and attorneys tend to be surprised and/or confused when they learn that legally a business could have multiple values at the same time. This is because there can be different standards of value The following article illustrates this concept through hypothetical examples.
Compensation-for-contribution: An alternative method for handling personal goodwill in divorce matters By Brian R. Potter and Justin L. Cherfoli Family Law, June 2007 As in numerous jurisdictions throughout the United States, Illinois courts require valuators in family law settings to delineate personal goodwill from the total goodwill of the business enterprise being valued.
Asset, income or market approach—Which is the best choice? By Robert F. Filotto Business Advice and Financial Planning, March 2006 One of the first critical steps in any Business Valuation is the selection of the proper Valuation Approach.
Is there “value” in a “valuation”? By Bart A. Basi Business Advice and Financial Planning, February 2005 The client, an owner of a small industrial shop, had poured blood, sweat and tears into the Company but without any heirs, decided that now was the proper time to sell.