Section Newsletter Articles on Gender and Equality

Wanted: Male attention—A focus on gender disparity in the law By Carl Newman Young Lawyers Division, February 2015 Young lawyers especially need to be aware of gender disparities in order for the landscape to change.
Wanted: Male attention—A focus on gender disparity in the law By Carl Newman Women and the Law, February 2015 If we want the landscape to change, we all need to be aware of gender disparities.
Pay equality for women attorneys: The ABA Toolkit for Gender Equity in Partner Compensation By Julie A. Neubauer Women and the Law, August 2013 The time is now to implement policies and practices for attorney compensation that will encourage the women coming into the professions and young women lawyers working in firms today to stay the course and rise to the level of leadership alongside our male counterparts.
Your firm’s benefits plan and same-sex relationships: Best practices to make all employees feel like valued team members By Daniel Ebner Law Office Management and Economics, Standing Committee on, December 2012 Giving employees in same-sex relationships the same benefits as married employees involves a little effort but a big payoff in employee morale and loyalty.
The effect of gender in a judicial race By Angela Evans Women and the Law, June 2012 It is nice to be able to report that in some of Illinois’ more recent judicial races, gender is not a controlling factor.
Is reform a reality for women in Saudi Arabia? By Cindy G. Buys and Stephanie Macuiba Women and the Law, June 2012 This article provides some background on the Saudi Arabian political and legal systems and on the possibilities for future reforms to expand women’s rights.
Photos Women and the Law, June 2012 Photos from the Women and The Law's April 26th program.
Disparity between women and men’s compensation and leadership responsibilities still significant, NAWL survey concludes By Katherine Kelleher Women and the Law, June 2008 On Friday, March 14th, Jenner & Block LLP confirmed that trial lawyer Susan Levy has been named as the firm’s new managing partner.1
Changing the climate: Why gender equality matters By Rebecca Pearl Women and the Law, January 2008 Climate change is one of the most urgent issues of our time.