Section Newsletter Articles on Insurance Law

Recent developments in insurance law By James T. Nyeste Insurance Law, January 2006 Recent updates of interest to insurance Law practitioners.
Insurance companies beware: Documents normally privileged may be discoverable By D.J. Evans Civil Practice and Procedure, November 2005 The Fourth District Appellate Court’s decision in Western States Insurance Co. v. O’Hara places greater responsibility on insurance companies to deal fully and fairly with their insureds and third parties in response to discovery requests.
Insurance issues in Illinois construction litigation By Marlene A. Kurilla Insurance Law, December 2003 It is very common for an additional insured to tender a claim made against it to all of its potential insurers.
Recent cases on indemnity and insurance provisions in construction contracts By Gregory A. Thorpe Real Estate Law, August 2000 Most general contracts and subcontracts for construction require the contractor to provide indemnities or insurance, or both.
Other insurance Insurance Law, January 1999 Umbrella policy is excess over primary CGL policy containing excess "other insurance" clause.
Permissive user: subsequent permittee Insurance Law, January 1999 Permission given by insured corporation to its employee for purposes of renting truck extended to son of employee.
Prejudgment interest Insurance Law, January 1999 Umbrella insurer entitled to prejudgment interest from primary CGL insurer on amount it contributed to settlement of underlying action.
Statute of limitations: general Insurance Law, January 1999 Two-year statute of limitations does not apply to section 155 of the Illinois Insurance Code.
Words and phrases index Insurance Law, January 1999 Insurer's delay in settling uninsured motorist claim was vexatious and unreasonable under section 155 of Illinois Insurance Code.