Section Newsletter Articles on Juvenile Law

The Cook County Bar Association objects to cuts proposed by Governor Bruce Rauner to funding of services for “youth” in foster care Age 18-24 Racial and Ethnic Minorities and the Law, May 2015 CCBA stands with the “older” foster children who need assistance with completing college and other support services as they embark on adulthood.
Case summaries By Grunyk and Associates, P.C. Child Law, October 2014 Recent cases of interest to child law practitioners.
Disney World or financial assistance? Leveling the financial playing field in the best interests of children By Michael Strauss Child Law, October 2014 A reading of 750 ILCS 5/505 appears to show that both parents can be ordered to financially support the child, but does that include actual child support from the custodial parent to the noncustodial parent?
More than 30 years of poor outcomes and racial disparities in “automatic” provisions trying youth in adult court By Elizabeth Clarke Child Law, October 2014 Of the 257 Cook County children charged with crimes requiring an automatic transfer to adult court in a recent three-year study period, only one was white. Read the study's other findings here.
New Juvenile Delinquency Handbook: A resource for attorneys and clients alike By Bridget L. Schott Child Law, October 2014 In response to the many recent changes to the Juvenile Court Act and laws regarding juveniles, the ISBA Child Law Section Council has released an updated Juvenile Delinquency Handbook.
The legal rights of spanish-speaking families: Policy recommendations for a linguistic and culturally competent Illinois child welfare system By Denise I. Martinez Child Law, June 2014 In the last decade alone, Latinos in Illinois accounted for more than 32.5% of the total increase in the State’s population. Now is the time to build a competent child welfare system that will protect the most vulnerable Latino children in this state.
Prenatal drug use: Functionalistic vs. formalistic approaches By Heather A. Abell Women and the Law, June 2013 Will a mother’s prenatal drug use result in a finding of child abuse or neglect once the fetus is born?