Section Newsletter Articles on Law Office Management

Electronic communications & records: Metadata, security, and more By Robert G. Moss Legal Technology, Standing Committee on, October 2006 It would be fair to say that the field of legal ethics is increasingly concerned with issues raised by new kinds of information and communication technology.
Are you ready for tsunami, a Katrina, fire or terrorists? By Thomas J. Brannan Law Office Management and Economics, Standing Committee on, September 2006 Granted, in Illinois, we are unlikely to suffer the rampage of a Tsunami or a Katrina, but tornadoes are common to Illinois, potential for fires is a part of life, and terrorists may strike anywhere—in fact, your own personal terrorist could be a disenchanted client seeking revenge.
Exceptional client service in law firms: Tips for rewarding and recognizing employees By John W. Olmstead Law Office Management and Economics, Standing Committee on, December 2005 By regularly rewarding and recognizing your attorneys and staff when they exhibit positive client service behaviors, rather than only noticing and commenting when they do something wrong, you help motivate them to keep up the good work and internalize the behavior.
Firm meetings, or “If you pay them, they will come” By Walter Kilgus General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, January 2003 In a recent discussion with a colleague, the conversation turned to the mechanics of operating a small firm.
It’s time By Donald E. Weihl Law Office Management and Economics, Standing Committee on, January 2002 In the October, 1991, poll conducted by the section council, articles on efficient use of attorneys' time ranked high in the responses as a desired subject of attention in the newsletter.