Section Newsletter Articles on Liens

The lien epic: Don’t lose your attorney’s lien By Patrick M. Kinnally Civil Practice and Procedure, April 2011 If we follow the rules as to attorney fee liens we possess, much like all the other lien claimants might have, we can make the final disposition of the litigation a lot more certain.
2007 Amendments to ILCS 770 60/23 – The Public Lien Act – Public Act 095-0274 By Julius Shapiro Real Estate Law, February 2008   The following is a brief summary of the changes that became law. The changes, except for the definition of unit of local government as set forth hereinafter, apply to both the state and local governmental work.
How to handle an employer’s group health plan lien By Robert T. Park Civil Practice and Procedure, January 2006 As a result of an accident, the plaintiff was injured. He brings a suit in circuit court for negligence. His damages include medical bills that were paid for by his employer’s group health insurance plan. After pursuing discovery, including depositions, the case settles. The health plan asserts a lien for the amount it paid. How should the lawyer handle the employer’s group health plan lien?