Section Newsletter Articles on Military and Veterans

Hidden money in military divorce cases By Mark E. Sullivan Family Law, April 2015 Questions and answers for those dealing in military divorces.
Checklist to file Veteran only claim for VA Aid and Attendance By Zach Hesselbaum Elder Law, March 2015 Consult this handy checklist to make sure you don't miss a thing.
Dividing CRSS/FERS, TSP and military retirements By Kelli E. Gordon Family Law, April 2014 Your soon-to-be-divorced client walks in and informs you that their spouse is in the military and they want a portion of their retirement. Now what?
Veteran hiring By Margery Newman Construction Law, March 2014 On March 24, 2014 new rules from the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs regarding Veteran went into effect. The author discusses the major provisions of the final rule here.
Adopt-A-Base Program FAQs Federal Taxation, January 2014 Find out more about this pro bono opportunity and how you can become involved.
The necessary resolution for 2013: Don’t lose sight of the changing VA pension landscape By Zach Hesselbaum Elder Law, February 2013 On October 26, 2012, the VA released its first sweeping change to the VA pension benefit with VA Fast Letter 12-23, regarding “Room and Board as a Deductible Unreimbursed Medical Expense.”
Practice tip for locating possible VA insurance benefits Agricultural Law, February 2013 If you have a decedent’s name and social security number, you can see if that individual had VA insurance.
Practice tip for locating possible VA insurance benefits By Jeffrey A. Mollet Trusts and Estates, February 2013 If you have a decedent’s name and social security number, you can see if that individual had VA insurance.
Child custody and military families By Catherine M. Ryan Child Law, September 2012 Caring, competent parents should not lose custody of their children because they answer the call of their country.
The military, veterans, and the law: A primer for young lawyers By J. Amber Drew Young Lawyers Division, June 2012 With full withdrawal of the United States military combat forces from Iraq completed in 2011 and anticipated withdrawal from Afghanistan by 2014 fast approaching, young lawyers can expect to encounter military-related legal issues increasingly over the next several years, if not decades, as service members return home and reintegrate into their communities.
The Veterans Legal Support Center & Clinic—Helping the nation’s veterans By Angelique Palmer and Yolaine Dauphin Racial and Ethnic Minorities and the Law, April 2012 The VLSC trains students and attorneys throughout the State of Illinois through Continuing Legal Education programs and Veteran Advocacy training.  
Military leave laws’ impact on defined contribution and defined benefit plans By Patrick M. Colgan Employee Benefits, March 2012 USERRA (Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployments Rights Act and the HEART Act (Hero Earnings Assistance Relief Tax Act) created some additional protections on service members’ employee benefits. The employee benefit protections, specifically those impacting defined benefit and defined contribution plans, are the focus of this article.
The Veterans Legal Support Center & Clinic—Helping the nation’s veterans By Angelique Palmer and Yolaine Dauphin Administrative Law, March 2012 The VLSC trains students and attorneys throughout the State of Illinois through Continuing Legal Education programs and Veteran Advocacy training.
FMLA—Qualifying Exigency Leave & Military Caregiver Leave By Jasmine V. Hernandez Labor and Employment Law, December 2009 Embedded in the National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2008 (“NDAA”) is a military family leave statute. It grants covered military members’ families unpaid leave to manage qualifying exigencies resulting from a family member being on, or called to, active duty (“Qualifying Exigency Leave”), or to care for a family member with a serious injury or illness (“Military Caregiver Leave”).
Use of trusts in VA pension planning By Steven C. Perlis Elder Law, December 2009 This article is on the use of trusts in qualifying veterans and their survivors or dependents for VA pension benefits. The pension benefit can be helpful in paying for unreimbursed medical costs, and often makes the difference between remaining at home and premature admission into a nursing facility.
Military Accessions Vital to National Interests (MAVNI): Does your client qualify for the U.S. government’s new pilot program and expedited naturalization? By Timothy B. White International and Immigration Law, June 2009 Since 1996, the Secretary of any Armed Force has had the power to authorize the enlistment of other aliens “if the Secretary determines that such enlistment is vital to the national interest.”
Practice Note: What do you need to know about the Line of Duty Compensation Act when representing an individual in the military? By Michelle L. Blackburn General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, May 2009 This change to the statute in June 2006 has caused immense problems for the survivors of military personnel killed in the line of duty. Specifically, if you were deployed prior to June 2006, it appears that you were never informed of this change and given the opportunity to designate a beneficiary. Furthermore, military personnel who were deployed after June 2006 were never presented with a document to designate beneficiaries of the line of duty compensation.
New VA regulations regarding attorney fees and accreditation By Steven C. Perlis Elder Law, November 2008 New VA regulations regarding attorneys’ fees and accreditation were released as a final rule by the Department of Veterans Affairs in the May 22nd Federal Register (73 FR 298520).
Have you received your economic stimulus payment? Retirees, disabled veterans and low-wage workers still have time to file By Kristi Vetri Elder Law, September 2008 As of June 2008, the IRS had issued 76.1 million payments worth $63.8 billion based on 2007 tax returns processed so far. The agency expects to issue 124 million payments to Americans by year’s end.
Chair’s Column: Veterans need our help By Donald A. LoBue General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, March 2008 I recently attended the Illinois Bar Association’s Continuing Legal Education program entitled “Veterans Legal Issues.”
VA pro bono project and attorney fees for VA cases By Steven C. Perlis Elder Law, December 2007 On October 5 I attended an all-day workshop on handling veterans’ cases.
Illinois legal community and Department of Veterans’ Affairs come together to support veterans Administrative Law, October 2007 Justice Thomas R. Fitzgerald of the Illinois Supreme Court, Director L. Tammy Duckworth of the Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs, officials of The John Marshall Law School and the Illinois State Bar Association announced Wednesday a joint initiative to support Illinois veterans in obtaining legal services and disability and educational benefits.
Rights of veterans and duties of employers under federal and Illinois law By Joshua M. Grenard Corporate Law Departments, June 2007 As the Global War on Terror continues in both Iraq and Afghanistan, civilian-soldiers of the Reserve and National Guard are being deployed on a historic scale with the effects being felt not only by the soldiers themselves, but also family members and employers.
Illinois enacts laws granting new job rights to military personnel and their families By Jenifer H. Caracciolo Business Advice and Financial Planning, February 2007 With the ever-increasing number of individuals in the military, the Illinois legislature has passed new laws giving greater protections to military personnel and their families.
Employees called to duty in the National Guard and Reserve—An overview of the applicable federal and Illinois laws By Brian Clauss, James Capparelli, and Lyndsey Kimber Labor and Employment Law, December 2006 The National Guard and Reserves have vital contributions to national security both at home and abroad and reliance upon the citizen soldier has only increased since September 11, 2001.
Servicemembers or Service Members . . . no longer Soldiers and Sailors: Some recent legislation & regulations related to military service By Dawn R. Hallsten General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, March 2005 Today most attorneys face occasional legal issues relating to military service. Our nation's increased military involvement as well as its record reliance upon reservists and members of the National Guard to meet our military needs here and abroad mean that this area of law impacts more of our population.
Serving those who served: A guide to helping veterans By William L. Cleaver Elder Law, March 2005 As each day passes, more and more of our World War II and Korean War veterans are buried. We also witness the increasing number of names of Vietnam veterans in the obituary sections of the newspapers.