Section Newsletter Articles on Prisons

Grace behind the gates By Julie A. Neubauer Women and the Law, September 2011 Dwight Correctional Center may be beautiful, but for the women incarcerated there it's still a prison.
Restorative justice now! By Hon. Sheila M. Murphy Human Rights, April 2011 A call for restorative justice in Illinois.
Pregnant inmates suffer human rights violations By Cynthia West Human Rights, September 2009 Pregnant women in prison need better access standard health care, reasonable bodily movement and freedom from shackles and restraints during transport to the hospital, labor and delivery.
Guantánamo in the Supreme Court … Again By Marc Falkoff Human Rights, April 2008 Boumediene v. Bush is the latest of the Guantánamo detainee cases to make it to our nation’s highest court, and it will be the third time that the Justices take a metaphorical tour of Guantánamo in order to sort out some fundamental issues concerning our country’s dedication to the rule of law in the age of terror.