Section Newsletter Articles on Probate Act

Who would win—Foreclosure statute vs. Probate Act By Nathan B. Hinch Construction Law, September 2015 Perhaps the Probate Act “won” this initial round, but did the foreclosure laws really “lose” in LaPlume? Not necessarily.
The new Civil Union Act and its effect on the Illinois Probate Act By Joanna M. Lekkas Women and the Law, November 2011 While intestacy laws may protect surviving spouses who are parties to a civil union, it is important to keep in mind that only six states recognize these unions. Therefore, estate planning for disability and death remain important tools for same-sex couples.
Helpful changes to the Probate Act By John Halloran Child Law, September 2010 The amendments to the Probate Act, which become effective early next year, will provide definitive answers for practitioners and will protect the rights of parents and the best interests of minor children.
A non-parent’s quandary: Guardianship under the Probate Act or custody under the IMDMA? By Zina Cruse Child Law, December 2008 Today, more than ever, non-parents are finding themselves acting in loco parentis for the children of other family members.
Changes to Probate Act, Custodial Claim, among new legislative enactments for 2008 By Martin W. Siemer Elder Law, February 2008 With the advent of a new year, and the close of an interesting and eventful legislative year, there are several new laws impacting the elder law practitioner.