Section Newsletter Articles on Social Security

Opposing counsel’s publication of social security number is not actionable By George S. Bellas Civil Practice and Procedure, March 2014 The recent case of Johnson v. Johnson and Bell, Ltd. considered the consequences of publishing a litigant’s personal information in a pending lawsuit and ruled that the litigation privilege precluded any liability.
Social security safari—Day 2 By Loren S. Golden Senior Lawyers, October 2013 Advice for navigating the social security maze.
Social security safari By Loren S. Golden Senior Lawyers, June 2013 Some advice for navigating social security applications.
Social Security benefits not so beneficial to widows receiving government pensions By Joanna M. Lekkas Women and the Law, March 2012 Many government employees may not realize that their social security benefits are reduced by two-thirds of their government pension.
Privacy: Social Security numbers Employee Benefits, September 2009 ERISA has a little-known privacy provision in Section 106(b) which restricts the disclosure of certain information about participants.
Should your LLC make an S election to save on social security and Medicare taxes? By Tracy J. Nugent Business and Securities Law, December 2008 Many factors are relevant in making the decision to elect S corporation tax status for an LLC, including whether the LLC qualifies to make the election, whether the LLC is likely to own, sell or refinance appreciating property, obtaining basis for loans to the LLC, the ability to adjust the LLC’s basis in it assets, and whether special allocations of income and expense items may be involved.
What is the latest online scam involving Social Security? By Lee Beneze Elder Law, February 2007 The Social Security Administration has announced that Social Security recipients will be receiving a 3.3 percent increase for 2007, to cover the increase in the cost of living.
Book review: What You Need To Know About Social Security By John Voorn Elder Law, June 2006 As a significant part of my practice is in the area of elder law, several years ago I concluded that I needed to educate myself about how our Social Security system really works.
Disability Law: Social Security By David R. Bryant General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, March 2006 This article provides a basic outline of the process for helping a client obtain disability benefits from Social Security.
California limits disclosure of social security numbers By J.J. McGrath Corporate Law Departments, February 2003 Effective July 1, 2002, it is against the law for a company doing business in California to include an individual's social security number on any correspondence to that customer, unless legally required to do so.