Section Newsletter Articles on Statute of Limitations

More legally disabled are now able to toll statute of limitations By Stephen Sotelo Civil Practice and Procedure, September 2014 Public Act 098-1077 goes into effect on January 1, 2015, and it will apply to actions commenced or pending after that date.
Amending “under a legal disability” to toll the statute of limitations for plaintiffs with locked-in syndrome By James P. Looby Tort Law, December 2012 Plaintiffs in personal injury actions who suffer from locked-in syndrome are not necessarily afforded the same protections as plaintiffs with other known disabilities. 
‘Know thy enemy and know thyself’ By John T. Hundley Bench and Bar, April 2009 As a recent decision by the Illinois Appellate Court demonstrates, failure to know—and properly name—your party-opponent can have drastic and even fatal consequences.
10-Year limitations period applies to indemnity suit By Robert T. Park Civil Practice and Procedure, August 2008 In Travelers Casualty & Surety Co. v. Bowman, Docket No. 103759, 2008 WL 2837323 (July 24, 2008), the Supreme Court held that the 10-year statute of limitations applied to a suit on a written indemnity agreement arising from defaults under construction contract performance bonds.
Statute of Limitations for minors in legal malpractice clarified By Jamie L. Bas Young Lawyers Division, December 2006 Determining the appropriate statute of limitations is one of the first steps any lawyer does when evaluating a cause of action.