Section Newsletter Articles on Taxation

Recent decisions in real estate tax cases By Timothy E. Moran State and Local Taxation, August 2003 Appellate court reversed decision of Department of Revenue (DOR) granting exemption for residence owned by church group and occupied by "ministry teacher."
Administrative sales in error in connection with county annual and scavenger tax sales By Martha A. Mills State and Local Taxation, July 2003 There will, in the real world, inevitably be sales in error at an annual or scavenger sale.
Case synopses By Stanley R. Kaminski State and Local Taxation, April 2003 On December 2, 2002, the Circuit Court's reversed its earlier decision (of February 5, 2002) in favor of Mead Corporation in which it held that "gross receipts" from the sale of investments should be included in the apportionment factor for income tax purposes, rather than the "net income" from such sales.
Computer-stored data acquired from real estate services: Should the Property Tax Appeal Board allow it into the record? By Christopher B. Kaczynski State and Local Taxation, December 2002 The issue presented by this article is not a factual issue, but an issue of law concerning the evidentiary rules of the Property Tax Appeal Board, the rules of evidence in Illinois, and the admission of computer-stored data acquired from real estate services for the purpose of providing evidence of sales of comparable property.
Illinois transferee tax liability By John B. Truskowski State and Local Taxation, December 2002 Illinois has three statutes that directly govern transferee liability for taxes when a purchaser buys assets from another party.
REAL estate tax relief for not-for-profit corporations By Mary Nicolau State and Local Taxation, November 2002 Cook County offers a special classification for real estate tax assessment for properties owned by not-for-profit corporations.
2002 legislation—summary By Louise Calvert State and Local Taxation, October 2002 New laws of interest to state and local taxation practitioners.
Recent court decision By Timothy E. Moran State and Local Taxation, October 2002 On August 20, 2002 the Appellate Court ruled that the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board (PTAB) cannot apply the median levels of assessment as determined by sales-ratio studies of the Illinois Department of Revenue (DOR) to commercial, industrial and vacant property in Cook County, and must instead utilize the provisions of the Cook County Real Property Assessment Classification Ordinance.
Current developments in income taxation of trusts and estates By Mike Drone Agricultural Law, July 2002 The Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 (EGTRRA) brought major tax relief for individuals both in the income and estate tax areas.
Recent case summary By Stanley R. Kaminski State and Local Taxation, October 2001 The First District Appellate Court applied a literal reading of the Illinois Retailers' Occupation Tax and Use Tax and held that the transfer of title to an aircraft to an intermediary for ultimate transfer to the ultimate purchaser of the aircraft resulted in two separate sales.
An overview of the New minimum distribution rules: a “uniform” approach By James S. Zmuda Federal Taxation, March 2001 On January 11, 2001, the Internal Revenue Service ("IRS") issued new proposed minimum distribution regulations.
Estate and gift tax update By Karen V. Kole Federal Taxation, April 2000 Decedent created a revocable living trust which became irrevocable when he died.
State Tax Notes Submission Department Practitioners’ Meeting addresses host of sales and income tax issues By Garland Allen and Louise Calvert State and Local Taxation, April 2000 The Illinois Department of Revenue Practitioners' Meeting, held Friday, November 5, in Chicago, disclosed a number of Department positions and concerns, as well as practitioner issues.