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Animal LawThe Newsletter of the ISBA's Animal Law Section

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Newsletter articles from 2014

Animal law news roundup: A summary of recent news affecting animal law By Melissa Anne Maye September 2014 A summary of recent news articles from around the country discussing current animal law issues.
Comments from the Chair By Angela Peters February 2014 A message from Chair Angela Peters.
Editor’s corner By Melissa Anne Maye September 2014 An introduction from Editor Melissa Anne Maye.
Mengarelli v. Marquardt & ORAH Animal Hospital … A different kind of settlement By Anna E. Morrison-Ricordati February 2014 A discussion of this provocative case.
New legislation affects companion animal euthanasia and increases penalties for animal abuse committed before minors By Ledy VanKavage February 2014 The Illinois State Bar Association Animal Law Section has voted to endorse two new bills introduced in the Illinois Legislature.
Pet provisions in marital settlement agreements By Angela Peters February 2014 Sample provisions of a pet agreement.
Unbridled or reined in? Horse cloning suit shows antitrust risks for association rule-making By Beth L. Fancsali and Aaron J. Hersh September 2014 Cloning of animals, and whether a breed association can ban clones from its registry, is the subject of much debate: not only from a scientific and moral standpoint, but now also from an antitrust perspective.