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Newsletter articles from 2005

Supreme Court decisions that the General Assembly may wish to consider March 2005 In In re D.F., S. Ct. Doc. 94479 (December 18, 2003), this court held that the nine-month evaluation period in amended section 1(D)(m) of the Adoption Act (750 ILCS 50/1(D)(m) (West 2000)), effective January 1, 2000, applies to both the reasonable efforts ground and the reasonable progress ground, and that the date on which to begin assessing a parent’s efforts or progress is the date the trial court enters its order adjudging the minor neglected, abused, or dependent, rather than the date the trial court enters its dispositional order.
There should be a law that… November 2005 How many times have you thought or said this phrase in your duties as a judge or your work as a lawyer? Now is the time to make your suggestions.
Waiver of jury trial By Hon. Michael Kiley March 2005 Ernest Bracey was indicted on a charge of aggravated battery. On March 20, 2002, Bracey appeared in court and was fully admonished regarding his right to a jury trial.
When in doubt, read the rules By Joan Piotrowski September 2005 The danger of relying on "curbstone" opinions has been shown by Liebovich Steel and Aluminum Company v. Advance Iron Works, Inc., 03-AR-446 (2nd Dist. 2004).