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Bench and BarThe newsletter of the ISBA’s Bench & Bar Section Council

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Newsletter articles from 2014

The Chiefs’ DOs and DON’Ts By Hon. Michael B. Hyman July 2014 What advice would chief judges around the State offer to judges?
Civil practice Supreme Court Rule changes: 2013 By Hon. Barbara Crowder January 2014 An overview of the changes made to the Supreme Court Rules in 2013.
Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program By Hon. Edward M. Maloney January 2014 On January 1, 2014, Illinois joined 18 other states and the District of Columbia in removing state-level criminal penalties from the medical use of cannabis.
Courts Commission removes Cook County Judge By Hon. Alfred M. Swanson Jr. June 2014 On May 9, 2014, the Courts Commission issued a unanimous opinion that removed Judge Cynthia Brim from office.
Deadman’s Act objection raises several issues By Jewel N. Klein July 2014 A look at the Deadman's Act and its erroneous application in a recent run-of-the-mill zoning violation case.
Driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants: From enactment to enforcement, hurdles remain By Juanita B. Rodríguez April 2014 Nearly six months after the new law authorizing temporary driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants became effective, it is time to consider whether law enforcement agencies, specifically those dealing with traffic enforcement, have modified their practices.
The First Amendment right to gather information vs. the court’s right to control its courtroom By Hon. Michael P. Kiley June 2014 In its recent decision in People v. Clark, the Illinois Supreme Court was called on to consider the constitutionality of the Illinois eavesdropping statute.
Foreclosure mediation has expanded to many parts of Illinois By Hon. Michael S. Jordan June 2014 Even though foreclosure filings have declined over the past year or so, there remain nearly 50,000 pending residential and non-residential foreclosures pending in Cook County alone.
The forlorn and forgotten affidavit comes to life (again) By Hon. E. Kenneth Wright Jr. January 2014 A helpful guide to affidavits.
From the Chair By Hon. Diane Lagoski July 2014 A message from the Bench & Bar Section Chair, Judge Diane Lagoski.
“Good cause”: A phrase in search of a definition By Michael G. Cortina July 2014 Until the IMFL is amended to include a definition of “good cause,” mortgagors and mortgagees alike will be saddled with the burden of creating arguments as to why “good cause” exists and leave the decision to the discretion of the trial court judge.
How not to criticize a judge By Mark E. Wojcik August 2014 A recent lawyer's example may inspire you to think twice before attacking the integrity of the judge in your next case.
The Illinois Supreme Court expands the reach of the Code of Civil Procedure’s six-year statute of repose By Hon. Russell W. Hartigan and Griffen Thorne April 2014 On February 21, 2014, the Illinois Supreme Court decided Evanston Insurance Company v. Riseborough, holding that the six-year statute of repose from section 13-214/3 of the Code of Civil Procedure, which applies to “the performance of professional services,” includes services where the parties have no fiduciary duty, and claims that are not limited to legal malpractice.
Judge William Maddux retires By Hon. Alfred M. Swanson Jr. January 2014 Judge William Maddux retired effective January 11, 2014, after 23 years as a Circuit Court Judge.
Judicial pet peeves By Hon. Alfred M. Swanson Jr. August 2014 A compilation of frequently cited irritants.
Losing successfully on the motion call: Practice hints By Hon. William J. Lassers August 2014 A tongue-in-cheek guide to ensuring your motion doesn't win.
New Supreme Court Rule: Help for self-represented litigants By Hon. Thomas More Donnelly September 2014 The Illinois Supreme Court’s amended Rule 63(A)(4) encourages judges to make reasonable efforts to assist self-represented parties.
The rabbit and the turtle: Who wins—An examination of multi-district litigation on federal and state levels By Cyle Catlett and Hon. E. Kenneth Wright September 2014 An explanation of federal multidistrict litigation and Illinois’ state multidistrict litigation, and analysis of why the Illinois format is superior.
Recent appointments and retirements September 2014 Recent changes to Illinois' Judiciary.
Recent appointments and retirements August 2014 Recent changes in Illinois' Judiciary.
Recent appointments and retirements July 2014 Recent changes to Illinois' Judiciary.
Recent appointments and retirements June 2014 Recent changes to Illinois' Judiciary.
Recent appointments and Retirements April 2014 Recent changes to Illinois' Judiciary.
Recent appointments and retirements January 2014 Recent changes to Illinois' Judiciary.
Reporter of Decisions has retired after nearly three decades of service to the Supreme Court By Joseph Tybor and Hon. Alfred M. Swanson Jr. January 2014 Brian Ervin began working for the Supreme Court in 1986, and retired effective January 1, 2014 after 27 years of service.
Supreme Court Rule changes: 2014 mid-year report By Hon. Lloyd A. Karmeier July 2014 An overview of the changes made to the Supreme Court Rules so far in 2014.
Whose privacy is it anyway? Dissecting Clark and the ramifications for admitting eavesdropped evidence By Hon. Debra B. Walker and Alexandra Gecas August 2014 What evidence can still be considered private post-Clark, and if there is no protection, is everything admissible?
Why judges should embrace limited scope representation By Hon. Michael B. Hyman April 2014 Judges owe it to themselves—and the litigants and counsel appearing before them—to fully understand and follow the rules which the Supreme Court established principally as a response to the growing needs of self-represented parties.