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Child LawThe newsletter of the ISBA’s Section on Child Law

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Newsletter articles from 2014

‘Adequately’ representing children’s best interests: Expanding the toolbox By Mark Simons June 2014 A review of several cases reveals that what is important is not the type of representation the child has, but the adequacy of that representation.
Case highlight: In re Raheem M., No. 4-13-0585 By Betsy Clarke February 2014 This recent opinion reversed a commitment to IDJJ by a Vermilion County judge on the basis of the judge’s failure to actively seek evidence that commitment was the least restrictive alternative.
Case summaries By Danya A. Grunyk June 2014 Recent cases of interest to child law practitioners.
Child support, daycare, extracurricular activities, uninsured medical expenses By Michael Strauss February 2014 In Carlson-Urbanczyk, the Third District Appellate Court held that the ordering of the extra items has to be supported by the record and constitutes a deviation upward from the percentage child support.
Child’s wishes under the IMDMA By Jon D. McLaughlin February 2014 While a court should consider the preferences of the child in awarding custody, a court is not bound by that preference.
Exclusive possession under the IMDMA and IDVA By Jon D. McLaughlin February 2014 The two statutes that a party may proceed under, the IMDMA and the IDVA, hold parties to different standards, and it may turn out that you are using the wrong statute for some of your cases.
The legal rights of spanish-speaking families: Policy recommendations for a linguistic and culturally competent Illinois child welfare system By Denise I. Martinez June 2014 In the last decade alone, Latinos in Illinois accounted for more than 32.5% of the total increase in the State’s population. Now is the time to build a competent child welfare system that will protect the most vulnerable Latino children in this state.
UCCJEA: Understanding the basics By Tony Vechiola and Mike Hudzik June 2014 A highlight of the key provisions of the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act.