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Civil Practice and ProcedureThe newsletter of the ISBA’s Section on Civil Practice & Procedure

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Newsletter articles from 2014

Civil practice Supreme Court Rule changes: 2013 By Hon. Barbara Crowder January 2014 An overview of the changes made to the Supreme Court Rules in 2013.
Closing argument: Some topics to consider By John M. Stalmack January 2014 A useful article to guide you when crafting your closing arguments.
Crafting helpful amicus filings in the Supreme Court of Illinois pursuant to Illinois Supreme Court Rule 345 By Matthew R. Carter January 2014 This article discusses the role of amicus curiae briefs in light of the Illinois Supreme Court’s function in the development of Illinois’ jurisprudence.
Gold Dust Coins: Shining light on high court’s “effective date of service” rules By Stephen Sotelo March 2014 The key takeaway of Gold Dust Coins: S.C.R. 12’s “Effective Date of Service” rules are used to “measur[e] time periods that begin to run from the date of service,” not to shorten “the time [allowed] for compliance.”
The Illinois Supreme Court expands the reach of the Code of Civil Procedure’s six-year statute of repose By Hon. Russell W. Hartigan and Griffen Thorne March 2014 On February 21, 2014, the Illinois Supreme Court decided Evanston Insurance Company v. Riseborough, holding that the six-year statute of repose from section 13-214/3 of the Code of Civil Procedure, which applies to “the performance of professional services,” includes services where the parties have no fiduciary duty, and claims that are not limited to legal malpractice.
Labor dispute raises civil practice and privilege issues By Nigel Smith February 2014 A summary of the recent case of Board of Education of the City of Chicago v. Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board, and the procedural steps taken by each of the parties.
Limits on common law privileges and self-critical analyses By Jeffrey A. Parness February 2014 The recent case of Harris v. One Hope United, Inc. did not elaborate on any differences between General Assembly deference in privilege extension or establishment.
New releases from the appellate court on local governmental tort immunity: “Abruzzo Returns” and “The Sidewalks of the College of DuPage” By Richard L. Turner February 2014 Recently, the appellate court had occasion to again consider local governmental immunity in the context of the Emergency Medical Services Systems Act, and the Local Governmental and Governmental Employee’s Tort Immunity Act, with respect to the liability of an emergency medical technician in an emergency response, and the liability of a college for its process in responding to a sidewalk deviation under the Tort Immunity Act.
Opposing counsel’s publication of social security number is not actionable By George S. Bellas March 2014 The recent case of Johnson v. Johnson and Bell, Ltd. considered the consequences of publishing a litigant’s personal information in a pending lawsuit and ruled that the litigation privilege precluded any liability.