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Commercial Banking, Collections, and BankruptcyThe newsletter of the ISBA’s Commercial Banking, Collections, and Bankruptcy Section

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Newsletter articles from 2014

Claims against members of a dissolved LLC By Paul Osborn January 2014 Some states provide for express liability of members after an LLC is dissolved when creditors are unpaid. Illinois is not one.
Collection counsel: Don’t celebrate too soon (The citation set-off and priority rules) By Paul B. Porvaznik January 2014 Creditor’s counsel should be leery of Section 12-708’s set-off provision and the caselaw’s expansive application of a third-party’s set-off rights.
Discovery rule saves plaintiffs’ fraud claims against investment firm (IL – 2d Dist) By Paul B. Porvaznik January 2014 Rasgaitis v. Waterstone Financial Group, Inc. has real value because of its thorough discussion of agency law.
Does ‘Self-Serving’ Evidence Dictate Summary Judgment Defeat? (Ill. Northern District) By Paul B. Porvaznik January 2014 Kuvedina LLC v. Pai is worth reading for many reasons, one being its discussion of Federal court ”abstention doctrine.”
Northern District expansively construes Consumer Fraud Act to cover B-2-B setting in health insurance contract dispute By Paul B. Porvaznik January 2014 In GoHealth, LLC v. Zoom Health, Inc., the Northern District provides a detailed summary of the necessary Illinois pleading elements of some signature business torts in a diversity contract dispute involving the sale of insurance products.