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Elder LawThe newsletter of the ISBA’s Section on Elder Law

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Newsletter articles from 2014

2014 elder law quick guide: Important numbers to remember By Martin W. Siemer February 2014 A useful guide for the elder law practitioner.
Elder law arbitrations By Kenneth T. Lumb June 2014 One of the most effective defenses to a lawsuit alleging bad nursing home care is a predispute mandatory arbitration agreement.
Medicare Medicaid Alignment Initiative (MMAI): The next chapter of HFS managed care By Sandy Leith June 2014 Highlights from the author's presentation at the Elder Law Bootcamp reviewing what's next in managed care.
News from the trenches—Medicaid update By Anthony B. Ferraro February 2014 A report on the presentations and conversations arranged and conducted by the Illinois Chapter of the National Academy of Elder Law attorneys with representatives of the Office of Inspector General  for the Department of Healthcare and Family Services.
Nursing home litigation for the elder law practitioner By Patricia L. Gifford June 2014 Given the increasing long-term care population, nursing home litigation is an area that is sure to continue to grow.
Thank you! June 2014 The  Elder Law Section Council would like to thank everyone that contributed to the very successful 1st Annual Elder Law Bootcamp: Basics and Beyond.