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Benefits of Being a ISBA YLD Member

Your Legal Career

Your admission to the bar is not an end, but a beginning. It marks the start of your long term commitment to the legal profession. The Illinois State Bar Association, through its Young Lawyers Division, is dedicated to helping new attorneys as they begin to meet their responsibilities as lawyers.

The Young Lawyer Division (YLD) brings you together with other young attorneys throughout the State of Illinois. It serves as a resource center for your educational and professional needs. It offers you a chance to become involved and to join others who have made the same commitment to the legal profession.

Network/Social Opportunities

Many newly admitted attorneys find it difficult to acclimate themselves in the legal community. Too often a young lawyer is intimidated by older attorneys; especially in a networking/social environment.

The Young Lawyers Division provides a forum in which you can interact with lawyers within your own age group. More importantly, the YLD sponsors a wide range of social events so that this interaction doesn't have to take place in a formal setting where you'd feel like you're still at the office.

Many times YLD social events are co-sponsored by local bar associations throughout the State of Illinois, which not only increases your networking opportunities but can also lead to your participation in other legal associations.

The friendships you foster by being involved in the YLD will last your entire legal career.

Volunteer Activities

As a YLD member you will also have the opportunity to become involved in a variety of activities that benefit not only the legal profession, but communities throughout Illinois.

Some of the volunteer activities that the YLD sponsors include:

  • The Children's Assistance Program: The YLD solicits money and toys for children's waiting rooms in courthouses and other child-related projects.

Educational Opportunities

Your legal education does not end after graduating from law school. The YLD is a means to continue your legal education. The educational programs offered by the YLD are practical and more importantly geared toward the young lawyer!

Other YLD Features and Activities

The YLD also offers:

The Young Lawyers Division is the beginning of many great opportunities. It is an extension of the ISBA created to meet your needs as a newly admitted attorney. Take advantage of your ISBA membership and the benefits the YLD has to offer. Get involved now, it's a great beginning to your career.

YLD membership is free to ISBA members under the age of 36 or within 5 years of admission to the bar.

For more information please email Lynne Davis, or Rachel McDermott,

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