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Newsletter articles from 2008

10th Annual ISBA/YLD Holiday Party another great success February 2008 Held on Friday, November 30 at Joe’s Sports Bar on Weed Street in Chicago, the annual fundraiser garnered a net total of about $18,000 to be used to help establish and maintain child-friendly courthouse waiting rooms and child-related projects in Illinois.
Book review By Heather M. Fritsch October 2008 “My teacher in first grade said that long ago people used to believe all kinds of things, because they didn’t know any better. Like you shouldn’t take a bath, because it could make you sick.
Book review By Julie Brothers August 2008 I don’t like reading legal books outside of work. For me, it feels like homework, which is inherently a bad thing.
Book review By Heather M. Fritsch August 2008 “The past is always with us, Laurel…It’s a part of us we can’t ignore or abandon. And it’s not always easy to keep it behind us, where it belongs.”
Book review By Heather M. Fritsch June 2008 Clay Carter, a bright young litigator in the Office of the Public Defender in Washington D.C., always dreamed of a better job.
Book review By Heather M. Fritsch April 2008 “The audacity of hope! I still remember my grandmother singing in the house, ‘There’s a bright side somewhere…don’t rest till you find it….”
Book review By Heather M. Fritsch February 2008 “The sight of Ray prompted the latest round of lawyer jokes, none of which were particularly funny, all of which drew howls at the punch lines.”
Collaborative law—A brief overview By Maxine Weiss Kunz February 2008 This article is intended to provide readers with a brief overview of collaborative divorce law, what it is and what it is not.
Creating and perfecting a security interest in a vehicle: Illinois Vehicle Code checkmates Article 9 of the UCC By Adela C. Lucchesi June 2008 Typically, Article 9 governs when creating and perfecting a security interest in collateral. However, as always, there are exceptions to the general rule.
Dealing with a difficult client By Ryan Bradley December 2008 The practice of law is difficult and challenging even while working with the best clients.
From the Chair By Gina M. Arquilla December 2008 Our council met on October 11, 2008 in Chicago, where much business was discussed.
From the Chair By Gina M. Arquilla October 2008 A message from YLD Chair Gina Arquilla.
From the Chair By Gina M. Arquilla August 2008 The last few months have been busy and productive for the members of the ISBA Young Lawyers Division Council.
From the Chair By Gina M. Arquilla June 2008 2008-2009 promises to be a busy and productive year for the members of the ISBA Young Lawyers Division Council.
Help wanted? Practical advice for landing a job By Robert Fink December 2008 Some DOs and DONT’s when applying for an associate position with a law firm based.
Home is where the court is By Heather M. Fritsch June 2008 It occurred to me the other day that we, as lawyers, spend a great deal of our time at the courthouse.
How much will I get paid as a Chicago lawyer taking an out-of-town case? By Pierina J. Infelise April 2008 Rule 1.5 of the ABA Model Rules on professional responsibility states, “A lawyer’s fees shall be reasonable,” and sets forth several factors to determine whether a lawyer’s fees are in fact reasonable.
How to say ‘no’: A lawyer’s coming-of-age Story By Brian Potts August 2008 Sometimes the most important word to use in a law practice is the most difficult for a new attorney to say.
Illinois Supreme Court puts an end to appellate courts’ varied interpretations of Pension Code Section 3-115 By Krysia W. Ressler February 2008 A police officer, while on duty, was escorting a handcuffed prisoner down an embankment when the prisoner stumbled and caused that police officer to fall and injure his right knee.
ISBA/YLD Holiday Party October 2008 Eleven years ago, the Illinois State Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Division founded the Children’s Assistance Fund to sponsor children’s waiting rooms in courthouses throughout the state of Illinois.
Legacy of loss transformed into hope: Cindy Bischof Law creates GPS monitoring for domestic violence prevention By Julie A. Neubauer October 2008 For too long, it has been the same story.
Making it rain By Jean A. Kenol June 2008 One of the most intimidating and daunting thoughts for any lawyer who decides to embark on a solo or small practice is wondering where the clients will come from.
Making the transition to a solo or small firm practice By Nathan Lollis April 2008 Many attorneys consider starting their own firm. Obtaining clients and successfully collecting your fees are a couple of obvious aspects of starting your own solo or small firm practice.
Pro bono = Career development: Four reasons why pro bono can help your career and resources for doing pro bono By Michael G. Bergmann December 2008 Can pro bono work translate into assisting with your career development? Absolutely!
Report on ABA YLD Annual Meeting By Frank N. DeBoni and Tarek A. Fadel October 2008 The Assembly of the American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division met on August 8-9, 2008, at the Marriott Marquis in beautiful Manhattan, New York.
Supreme Court decision a win for custodial parents and a warning to employers By Christina M. Webb February 2008 On November 29, 2007, the Illinois Supreme Court held that a $1,172,100 penalty pursuant to Section 35(a) of the Income Withholding for Support Act was constitutional as applied to an Illinois employer who failed to forward income withheld for child support in a timely manner.
Top 10 things to know about child support matters By Anna P. Krolikowska October 2008 Whether you are an experienced practitioner handling your first child support case or an attorney recently admitted to practice in Illinois, you should be aware that family law cases, including child support matters, present their own unique challenges and concerns.
What can I be with a J.D.? By Heather M. Fritsch October 2008 In our last issue, we got to know the Trial Attorney Lisa P. of the Department of Homeland Security – Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This issue, we will focus on Julienne Grant, Reference Librarian/Foreign and International Research Specialist at the Loyola University Chicago School of Law Library.
What can I be with a J.D.? By Heather M. Fritsch August 2008   In our last issue, we got to know the Program Director of P.A.D.S. Overnight Emergency Shelter, Jason Holmes. This issue, we will focus on Lisa P., Trial Attorney with the Department of Homeland Security—Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
What can I be with a J.D.? By Heather M. Fritsch June 2008 In our last issue, we got to know NIU’s Director of Career Opportunities and Development and Adjunct Faculty Member, Greg Anderson.