The Illinois Rules of Evidence Package

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The Illinois Rules of Evidence Package includes:

The Illinois Rules of Evidence: A Color-Coded Guide – 2015 Edition
This brand-new edition of Gino L. DiVito’s color-coded analysis of the Illinois Rules of Evidence is updated through January 12, 2015. Its three-column format allows easy comparison of the Illinois rules with the Federal Rules of Evidence (both pre-2011 amendments and as amended effective December 1, 2014). DiVito, a former appellate justice, is a member of the Special Supreme Court Committee on Illinois Rules of Evidence, the body that formulated the rules and presented them to the Illinois Supreme Court.
Published January 2015, 250 pages

Illinois Rules of Evidence - ISBA’s 2015 pocket-size edition
This update of ISBA’s pocket-size edition reflects all rule changes through January 10, 2015. The amazingly affordable booklet, which contains the complete rules plus commentary, is perfect for depositions, court appearances – anywhere you need a quick reference. Buy one now for everyone in your office!
Published January 2015, 91 pages

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