Environmental Law for Non-Environmental Lawyers: Volume 1 (Fastbook)

Product Image: Environmental Law for Non-Environmental Lawyers: Volume 1 (Fastbook)

Thumbnail Sketches for Attorneys Who Are Not Experts in Environmental Law

Let's say you're a general practitioner. One of your clients has inherited some vacant land formerly occupied by a gas station and wants to sell it. How do you advise him about the environmental problems involved—the underground tanks or the hazardous chemicals dumped in back by a stream? This book is just the thing to help you better understand such issues—and to spot them before they created unexpected legal headaches.

Relevant to most private practice lawyers today, this book is a compilation of thumbnail sketches of common environmental issues prepared by Illinois and USEPA attorneys, attorneys in private practice, law professors, and other experts in environmental law.

Coverage includes environmental issues in the Clean Air Act, hazardous waste handling, CERCLA, real estate transactions, federal enforcement, water pollution, solid waste, practice before the pollution control board, environmental permits, and lab reports.

Published December 2006, 144 pages

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