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ISBA Board of Governors Underrepresented Vacancy Announcement

Posted on March 21, 2019 by Rhys Saunders

The ISBA president elect will appoint a member to one of the underrepresented seats of the Board of Governors at the May 2019 board meeting. The member appointed to this position will serve with full board member privileges for a three-year term beginning the first day of the 2019 Annual Meeting in Geneva, Wisconsin.

Pursuant to the association bylaws, eligible candidates for the underrepresented seat include members of the association with a status of, but not limited to, age, race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, geography, areas and types of practice, and years of practice.

Illinois Supreme Court Issues New Rule Regarding Use of Restraints in Mental Health and Disability Cases

Posted on March 21, 2019 by Rhys Saunders

The Illinois Supreme Court has issued Supreme Court Rule 296, which requires that trial courts not use restraints on individuals involved in Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Code proceedings unless the court conducts a separate hearing on the record as to the necessity for restraints.

The new rule is effective immediately. 

Rule 296, proposed by the 24-member Special Supreme Court Advisory Committee for Justice and Mental Health Planning, was adopted to ensure that a dignified judicial process is maintained for the respectful treatment of persons in mental health cases who are subjects of the court proceedings. 

ISBA Update: Be Wary of Spoofed Emails

Posted on March 21, 2019 by Rhys Saunders

In light of the fact that email spoofers have been targeting bar associations across the country, the ISBA is warning members to be vigilant in checking the email addresses of the people sending them messages.

Email spoofing is the creation of email messages with a forged sender address. For this reason, emails may appear to be from someone within the ISBA, but will not have their correct email address in the "From" field.

Best Practice Tips: Associate Attorney and Non-Equity Partner Compensation

Posted on March 20, 2019 by Rhys Saunders

Asked and Answered 

By John W. Olmstead, MBA, Ph.D, CMC

Q. I am the owner of a seven-lawyer insurance defense firm in downtown Chicago. Two of the lawyers are non-equity partners and four are associates. Currently I pay the associates a set salary and a performance bonus based upon annual billable hours over 1,800. Until last year, non-equity partners were paid in the same fashion, however non-equity partners received a few additional perks such as a firm credit card and a country club membership. Last year I changed the non-equity partner compensation system to focus on collected receipts rather than billable hours. Non-equity partners receive a salary and a performance bonus based upon working-attorney-collected-received above an established threshold and a delegation bonus.

Spotlight on Pro Bono: Pro Bono Programs in Alternative Dispute Resolution in Illinois

Posted on March 20, 2019 by Rhys Saunders

By Sandra Crawford

Did you know…

1. McHenry County Bar Association (MCBA) in 2001 started training and supplying volunteers to mediate pro se cases in the small claims court. Since it was established “our program has been successful beyond our wildest dreams, has eliminated untold small claims trial hours, has provided training and experience to a number of aspiring mediators, and most importantly, has sent more than a thousand small claims litigants home feeling satisfied that they had been fairly treated by the court system,” says the program’s founding member and full-time mediator, H. Case Ellis of Crystal Lake.

Illinois Supreme Court Holds "Law School for Legislators"

Posted on March 20, 2019 by Rhys Saunders

The Illinois Supreme Court hosted "Law School for Legislators" on March 13, with all seven justices, leadership, and new members of the Illinois House of Representatives and Senate in attendance.  

The event, held at the Illinois Supreme Court Building in Springfield, was intended to familiarize the legislative branch with court operations and to foster dialogue of communication, cooperation, and coordination between the legislative and judicial branches. 

Illinois Supreme Court Disbars 3, Suspends 13 in Latest Disciplinary Filing

Posted on March 19, 2019 by Rhys Saunders

The Illinois Supreme Court announced the filing of lawyer disciplinary orders on March 19, 2019. Sanctions were imposed because the lawyers engaged in professional misconduct by violating state ethics law.

CLE: The Rules of Professional Conduct—How They Apply to Estate Planning and Estate/Trust Administration

Posted on March 19, 2019 by Rhys Saunders

The Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct apply to all attorneys, but how do they apply to estate planners and trust and estate practitioners specifically? Find out how easy it is to overlook ethical traps when designing estate plans, how select Illinois Supreme Court rules can affect estate planners and probate attorneys, and how the Rules, in general, govern this practice area with this live webcast on April 9. A discussion on the applicable case law and ethics opinions is also included.

Practice HQ Resource: How to Make Your Website the Hub of a Successful Online Marketing Strategy

Posted on March 19, 2019 by Rhys Saunders

With nearly 75 percent of consumers searching for an attorney online, it is important to make your website the hub of a successful legal marketing strategy.

What makes the difference between a great website and an ineffective one? It starts with planning.