WISAM 1, Inc. v. Illinois Liquor Control Commission

Illinois Supreme Court
Civil Court
Administrative Law
Case Number: 
2014 IL 116173
Decision Date: 
Thursday, May 22, 2014
3d Dist.
Peoria Co.
ILCC affirmed.
City revoked liquor store's liquor license after its manager, who was brother of owner, was convicted of federal money laundering through structured transactions in store. Store was not denied due process at revocation proceeding before Local Commissioner, as it had opportunity to present relevant evidence and relevant defenses, and thorough opportunity to be heard at every stage. Liquor Control Act holds licensee strictly accountable for any conduct of its agent, and thus based on manager's conviction, store could not relitigate fact that manager's conduct violated federal law. Although City improperly sought to admit entire transcript from federal trial, without identifying purpose and what specific testimony it sought to rely on, there was sufficient competent evidence to support administrative decision.(GARMAN, FREEMAN, THOMAS, KILBRIDE, KARMEIER, and BURKE, concurring.)