Continuing Legal Education

The Student & Parent Side of School Law

November 15, 2012
8:50 a.m. – 4:15 p.m.
6.50 MCLE hours, including 1.00 Professional Responsibility MCLE credit hours (PMCLE credit subject to approval)

ISBA Chicago Regional Office
20 S. Clark Street, Suite 900
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Stay up to date on the various school laws that are affecting your student and parent clients!

Being a parent is hard enough without the added burden of watching your child suffer at the hands of a bully or struggling to understanding the school’s expulsion hearing labyrinth, which is why it is imperative that you stay up to date on the on the laws that affect your student/parent clients the most! Join us for this full-day seminar that examines a number of key topics, including the consequences for misconduct and disobedience in the school, cyberbulling, the school expulsion hearing process, and more. Education law practitioners, general practice attorneys, family law lawyers, mental health and disability law attorneys, and municipal law practitioners – with all levels of practice experience – who attend this seminar will better understand:

  • The due process requirements for students facing school suspension/expulsion;
  • How to determine if the punishment fits the crime;
  • Evidence v. hearsay during a student expulsion hearing;
  • Alternative school settings;
  • The school’s role in addressing and combating cyberbullying cases; and
  • The ethical pitfalls an attorney may face when representing students and/or parents.
Please Note: Prior to the program, you will receive a weblink via email allowing you to access the course materials prior to the program. You will also receive a copy of the course materials (for no additional charge) when you arrive at the program, but will need to check the appropriate box on the registration page letting us know if you prefer a flash drive or printed course book.


Program Coordinator/Moderator:
Shayne L. Aldridge, The Law Office of Shayne L. Aldridge, Pleasant Plains



8:50 – 9:00 a.m.  Welcome and Introductions
Robert P. Lyons, Chair, ISBA Education Law Section Council, Chicago

9:00 – 10:15 a.m.  Student Discipline – How Much for that Misconduct Outside the Window?
Students are entitled to some level of constitutional protection when faced with disciplinary actions for their disobedience and gross misconduct . . . or are they? Learn what school discipline is all about and how to effectively represent your client in the school law environment with this in-depth presentation. Topics include: understanding the due process requirements owed to students (if any) when confronted with suspension or expulsion; the required notices; and determining whether the punishment fits the crime.
Joan A. Spiegel, Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation, Alton

10:15 – 10:30 a.m.  Break (beverages provided)

10:30 – 11:45 a.m.  Student Discipline – The Expulsion Hearing Games
Ever wonder how a school board conducts or decides a student expulsion hearing? Go behind the scenes with this lively discussion to better understand the nuts and bolts of a school expulsion hearing process. From the parent’s first notice to the thorough investigation to the actual hearing, there are a number of issues the attorney must be aware of, including evidence v. hearsay; student witnesses (uses and abuses); alternative school settings; and withdrawal in lieu of expulsion.
Matthew D. Keenan, Law Offices of Matt Keenan, Skokie

11:45 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.  Lunch (provided)

12:15 – 1:45 p.m.  Working Lunch: Bullying – Cyber Encounters and the Other Kinds
Bullying has been around as long as kids have existed and, once upon a time, this bullying could only take place if children were in close physical proximity, like the school hallway, the neighborhood park, or an after-school event. Thanks to modern technology, the Internet superhighway, and Facebook, though, bullying, harassment, and name-calling can bombard our kids instantaneously. Most of the time, these tormentors hide behind large Internet service providers with fake, anonymous online accounts, which makes it difficult to decipher who is throwing the sticks and stones. The real question, then, becomes: What can the parent expect a school to do about it?
Shayne L. Aldridge, The Law Office of Shayne L. Aldridge, Pleasant Plains

1:45 – 3:00 p.m.  Special Education – Understanding the Due Process Hearing Processes and Procedures
The special education due process hearing can be both confusing and intimidating. Enhance your knowledge and boost your confidence with this comprehensive overview in which the speaker answers the who-what-when-where-why questions of the special education due process hearing, with emphasis on parental safeguards. The latest Illinois court cases and how you can best represent your parent/student client is also discussed.
Shayne L. Aldridge, The Law Office of Shayne L. Aldridge, Pleasant Plains

3:00 – 3:15 p.m.  Break (refreshments provided)

3:15 – 4:15 p.m.  The Student/Parent Attorney’s Ethics*
Learn to identify and avoid potential ethical pitfalls when representing students and/or parents with this informative presentation.
Sharee S. Langenstein, The Law Office of Sharee Langenstein, Murphysboro


*Professional Responsibility MCLE credit subject to approval