Continuing Legal Education

Fracking in Illinois: Facts and Myths Explained

September 17, 2013
8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
7.00 MCLE hours

431 Conference Center
431 S. 4th Street
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Join us as we separate fact from fiction on the issue of fracking in Illinois
with this informative full-day seminar!

Hydraulic fracturing, commonly referred to as fracking, is a hot topic issue in Illinois – especially with the Hydraulic Fracturing Regulatory Act now in place in Illinois. In order to better represent clients dealing with fracking issues, Illinois attorneys need to learn how and where fracking works, the new state law, and the status of federal and state regulations. Attorneys who attend this full-day seminar will learn:

  • The geology of the Illinois Basin and the New Albany Shale in southern Illinois;
  • How horizontal drilling and fracking technology has enabled increased development of Illinois’ energy resources;
  • The requirements of Illinois’ Hydraulic Fracturing Regulatory Act;
  • The roles of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency;
  • The environmental issues associated with fracking, including resource water management, groundwater, disposal, and air emissions;
  • Local interests, including real estate and agricultural law issues;
  • Risk management and insurance coverage; and
  • Much more!
Please Note: Prior to the program, you will receive a weblink via email allowing you to access the course materials prior to the program. You will also receive a copy of the course materials (for no additional charge) when you arrive at the program, but will need to check the appropriate box on the registration page letting us know if you prefer a flash drive or printed course book.


Program Coordinator/Moderator:
Matthew E. Cohn
, Arnstein & Lehr, LLP, Chicago



8:30 – 9:30 a.m.  Geology: Why Illinois? Where?
This comprehensive overview examines the geology of the New Albany Shale in Illinois and explains what makes it exploitable for natural gas and oil. A discussion concerning which energy resources are opened in Illinois by fracking technology – and how this compares to other states – is also included.
Moderator: Matthew E. Cohn, Arnstein & Lehr, LLP, Chicago
David Johnston, Geologist, ARCADIS, Chicago
Brad Richards, Executive Vice-President, Illinois Oil and Gas Association, Mt. Vernon

9:30 – 10:30 a.m.  The Fracking Process: How Does it Work?
This presentation offers an in-depth look at the fracking process, as well as our technological limitations and potential environmental issues that can result from fracking, including impacts to groundwater, surface water, air, and seismicity.
Moderator: William J. Anaya, Arnstein & Lehr, LLP, Chicago
Jordan Ciezobka, Engineer, Gas Technology Institute, Des Plaines
Chris Shineldecker, ARCADIS, Chicago

10:30 – 10:45 a.m.  Break (beverages provided)

10:45 – 11:30 a.m.  Illinois’ Hydraulic Fracturing Regulatory Act
This session discusses Illinois’ new law and the status of state regulations.
William J. Anaya, Arnstein & Lehr, LLP, Chicago
Mitchell L. Cohen, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Springfield
Matthew J. Dunn, Chief Environmental Enforcement/Asbestos Litigation Division, Illinois Attorney General’s Office, Springfield

11:30 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.  Federal Regulation of Fracking
Join us for a better understanding of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s role in fracking regulation, as well as the applicable federal laws and policies.
Matthew E. Cohn, Arnstein & Lehr, LLP, Chicago
Bertram C. Frey, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Chicago

12:15 – 1:15 p.m.  Lunch (provided)

1:15 – 2:45 p.m.  The Lawyer’s Role in Representing Local Interests
Don’t miss this opportunity to better understand your role in representing the interests of your fracking community. Topics include: agriculture and real estate law issues, such as leases, royalties, and water supply concerns; zoning issues; land use; and issues affecting municipal and county governments.
Moderator: William J. Anaya, Arnstein & Lehr, LLP, Chicago
David M. Foreman, Foreman & Kessler, Ltd., Salem
Laurie A. Harmon, Assistant General Counsel, Illinois Agricultural Association and Affiliated Companies, Bloomington

2:45 – 3:15 p.m.  Insurance Coverage Concerns
This segment discusses the various issues and concerns that insurance companies have regarding the financial risks associated with fracking.
Matthew E. Cohn, Arnstein & Lehr, LLP, Chicago
Max West, Aon Risk Services Central, Inc., Chicago

3:15 – 3:30 p.m.  Break (refreshments provided)

3:30 – 5:00 p.m.  Case Studies and Examples
Get the updates you need to effectively represent your client with this informative session that examines recent case studies and examples associated with fracking.
William J. Anaya, Arnstein & Lehr, LLP, Chicago
Kevin Axe, Weston Solutions, Vernon Hills
Matthew E. Cohn, Arnstein & Lehr, LLP, Chicago
Debra Kaden, Environ, Chicago
Ryan Leatherbury, Weston Solutions, Vernon Hills
Daniel Price, Environ, Chicago