Continuing Legal Education

MCLE Requirements in Illinois

General Information

The Supreme Court of Illinois Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) Board website provides detailed MCLE information for attorneys licensed in Illinois, as well as expanded information for CLE course providers.

In September 2005, the Supreme Court of Illinois established minimum continuing legal education (MCLE) requirements for Illinois attorneys under Supreme Court Rules 790-798. The Court also created the MCLE Board of the Supreme Court of Illinois to administer the MCLE program, and the Commission on Professionalism to address issues of professionalism.

New for Reporting Period Ending June 30, 2019! PMCLE Requirement - Diversity/Inclusion and Mental Health/Substance Abuse OR Mentoring
Your 6 hours of Professional Responsibility MCLE credit requirement must include at least 1 hour in the area of Diversity/Inclusion and 1 hour in the area of Mental Health/Substance Abuse or participation in a yearlong Lawyer-to-Lawyer Mentoring Program. (S.Ct.Rule 795(d)). ISBA is working to get approval for courses that will satisfy the new requirements. Upon approval from the MCLE Board, ISBA will identify those courses in our Online CLE catalog.

MCLE Reporting Requirements and Deadlines

First Letter of Last Name Reporting Period
A through M Two-Year Period Beginning July 1 of Even Numbered Years
30 Hours required, including 6 hours. PMCLE credit
N through Z Two-Year Period Beginning July 1 of Odd Numbered Years
30 hours required, including 6 hours PMCLE credit
  • Professional Responsibility MCLE (PMCLE) must be in the area of professionalism, diversity, mental illness and addiction, civility or legal ethics.
  • Different requirements apply to newly admitted attorneys subject to the Basic Skills requirement.
  • Up to 10 MCLE credits earned prior to the beginning of your reporting period can be carried into your two-year reporting period, including professional responsibility credits. Newly Admitted Attorneys may carry over 15 hours and should refer to the MCLE Board website ( for details regarding carrying over MCLE credit. 

Administration of MCLE in Illinois

The ISBA has no role in the administration or enforcement of the Illinois Supreme Court rule requiring Minimum Continuing Legal Education. MCLE is administered by a board appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court and that board's staff. For more information, visit:

MCLE Credit for Out-of-State Lawyers
All live continuing legal education programs presented by ISBA are accredited for Missouri MCLE. For additional rules and details, visit:


If you have any questions regarding the MCLE rules, please contact the Illinois MCLE Board or check out the MCLE Board's Q&A webpage.