Solo & Small Firm Conference Bonus Sessions

Bonus Sessions Available Complimentary to All Conference Registrants in the ISBA On-Demand CLE Catalog Beginning October 29, 2020

6.75 hours MCLE credit, including 6.75 Professional Responsibility MCLE credits in the following categories:

  • 5.0 hours Professionalism, Civility, or Legal Ethics
  • 1.0 hour Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Balancing the Demands of a Solo Practice*

Hear from an experienced solo practitioner as he discusses his personal experiences of running a solo practice, while also pursuing and succeeding in his pursuit of becoming the 144th President of the Illinois State Bar Association. And learn some new tips and techniques for coping with the stresses of the profession from our Lawyer’s Assistance Program speaker. 
Dennis Orsey, ISBA President 2020-21,Dennis J Orsey PC, Granite City
Dr. Diana Uchiyama, Executive Director Lawyers Assistance Program, Chicago
1.0 MCLE/PMCLE in the following category: Mental Health and Substance Abuse MCLE credit

Law Firm SEO that Works Today, Not 18 Months From Now*

Discover what you can do today to get clients tomorrow!  While typical search engine optimization takes nine months to two years to see results, this session gives you the tips that will work today
Drew G. Vaughn, Deviant Marketing, Chicago

Maintaining a Positive Culture in a Virtual World*

It’s reality that our world has changed. It’s different and not likely going back to the way we once knew it. Instead of waiting for things to go back to “normal”, leaders need to start embracing a new normal in a way that sets their firms and people up for long term success. Building and maintaining a positive culture is critical to engagement and achieving our business goals. Our challenge lies in understanding how to do this when many of these techniques were centered around in-person interactions, events and office presence. This session will focus on how to maintain and pivot our thinking on building a positive work culture in a virtual world in an active way, instead of just waiting for things to change around us. We will focus on:

  • Defining the culture you want if you haven’t already. Mission, Vision and Values.
  • Defining employee morale vs. culture and satisfaction vs. engagement.
  • Practical tips for staying connected without a screen, intentional live engagement virtually and a networked/matrixed approach to keeping others connected with each other.
  • Empowering others as positive cultural agents which is critical to long-term maintenance of the culture.
  • Culture as core business strategy.

Jaimee Hall, Legal Back Office, St. Louis

Finding and Keeping a High Performing Legal Staff*

Trusting your gut instincts on hiring is poor strategy.  We will discuss a more systematic approach that is designed to locate great new team members, not ones that are only marginally acceptable.  But finding them is only half the battle: you need to keep the good ones, and that requires some strategy and systems as well.
Mark Metzger, Atticus Certified Practice Advisor,Law Office of Mark C. Metzger, Naperville

Hot Topics in Cannabis Law

Description coming.
Mackenzie Ditch Wilcox,  Cresco Labs, Chicago
0.75 MCLE

Time Management for People Who Don’t Have Time to Take a Time Management Course: The Real Secrets to Getting Things Done*

This enjoyable, creatively presented session demonstrates six groups of outstanding tools that have been acclaimed for their flexibility, practicality, and ease of use by busy legal professionals at national ABA meetings and other conferences. Boost your productivity right away while reducing unnecessary stress. You don’t have to use all of the techniques every day – just when you need them. They can be applied quickly and tailored to your individual needs and work habits. Get special techniques to defeat procrastination and reduce interruptions, electronic and others.  Learn and practice how to organize what needs to be done in a new and better way that replaces the usual “to do” list with something simple that helps you produce high quality work more efficiently.
Michael Brandwein, Educator, Trainer, Lawyer, Linconshire
(Available to conference registrants through June 30, 2021 only)

Conflict Communication: How to Deal with Disagreement, Conflicts, & Hot People without Using a Weed Wacker*

This internationally acclaimed session by an award-winning communication expert demonstrates practical, essential skills you will use every day to (1) handle conflict with greater confidence and calmness and (2) build more open and collaborative communication for outstanding teams. This is an engaging quick course by a master trainer in which you’ll learn exactly what to say and do to overcome the surprising thing that lawyers are taught about persuasion that actually doesn’t work and replace it with highly effective techniques to resolve disagreements with less stress and more persuasion. These tools build better professional relationships, provide excellent client service, reduce talking behind backs, increase more open and honest communication for ongoing improvement, build respect, and improve relationships even when there is conflict. Immediately boost your problem-solving and conflict resolution by using expert techniques to tailor responses to the needs and concerns of others. Deal with greater confidence and credibility with contrary positions, disappointed and upset people, and more.
Michael Brandwein, Educator, Trainer, Lawyer, Linconshire
(Available to conference registrants through June 30, 2021 only)


*Professional Responsibility MCLE credit subject to approval