Introducing ISBA's New Discussion Groups Webpage

Are you an email-only user of ISBA discussion groups? Fear not, nearly all of the upgrades we've made affect only the web interface. One change that will affect you: you'll need to use the My Discussion Groups page to manage your discussion-group memberships. Also, members are now limited to one email address for all ISBA discussion groups.

That said, take a look at the web interface if you haven't already. We think you'll like the improvements we've made.

In May 2015, we introduced some new features:

#1. Attachments. Attachments can now be added to both email and posts made from the website. The total files size limit including the message is 1 MB. Please note that attachments will not be posted to daily digest emails.This is a big change for our discussion gorups, so please view our revised terms and etiquette section of our policy page.

#2. Threads with most recent posts are now at the top. Previously, the most recent starts of threads appeared at the top. Now you can more easily see when a thread has been replied to.

#3. Reply to sender off-list. You can now reply directly to the sender off-list in the web archive.

#4. Nicknames. You can now supply a nickname (e.g., Bob) to display in the online discussion group archive and the member directory instead of the legal first name you have on file with the ISBA (e.g., Robert).

In August 2014, we integrated our website and email discussion groups to provide a much better user experience. The top imporvements were:

#1. Now you can manage your discussion groups from the ISBA website. Access the archives and your subscription settings without having to log into a separate website.

manage your subscriptions#2. We've made it easier to manage your settings. See all the lists you belong to and all the lists you're eligible to join on the My Discussion Groups page. Change the settings for any list with the handy drop down menus, and change your email address for all lists at once.

#3. The archives are easier to read. You can access the archives for all your discussion groups from the My Discussion Groups page. Archived discussions are presented in an easy-to-read format with repetitive reply chains hidden.

#4. Your posts are tied to your ISBA online profile. If you have activated your member directory profile, your name (which appears above your posts) will link to your profile.

#5. You can put a face to a name. See your fellow listmates' photos. If you have uploaded a photo to your member directory profile, it will also be displayed next to your posts.

sample post

#6. You can take the discussion anywhere. The archives are now part of our mobile-friendly website. Drop an icon on your phone's home screen for quick and easy access.

#7. Searching is better. The search options have been simplified and the search results improved. Search terms are now highlighted in the results.


If you have any questions, please contact Doug Knapp